Friday Night Lights Football Birthday Party

Today, I’m sharing details from my son’s 9th birthday party. He wanted to have a few close friends over for a football party. I found there were lots of football party ideas out there, but most of them were for a much younger age group–very cute but also a bit too cutesy for this bunch. We decided to go in another direction and make this party a little older and a little tougher.

Guest received game tickets for the Friday Night HS Game of the Week and were invited to wear their favorite team jersey and participate in a combine skills challenge we set up for them.

Each kiddo got a clipboard to record their scores.

If they wanted, they could weigh in and measure their height to help them compare their skills to the top high school players in the country.

They each got two chances at the 40 yard dash, vertical jump, kneeling power toss and 20 yard shuttle. Most of the sisters in attendance wanted in on the fun too!

We had some good little athletes on our hands! When they were ready to eat, the girls wanted to man the concession stand booster club-style.

We gave the guests tickets to redeem for food.

There were hotdogs, popcorn, cotton candy, suckers and three different kinds of drinks

to choose from.

I pulled this display off the wall in my office and replaced my invitation samples with chips!

Inside, the high school football spirit continued with some more fun “Booster Club” elements and marching band versions of

old favorites and popular hit songs.

The kitchen island was decked out like a football field complete with player silhouettes

and uprights…

and a blimp overhead for aerial coverage. C’mon. Funny.

At the time, my daughter was enjoying her first season of Cheerleading and was REALLY feeling it. I scored these megaphone crafts at Michael’s and made my own inserts that said, “Win or Lose, Cheer the Loudest!” for them to slip out and color while the boys acted like wild animals in the back yard.

As parting gifts, everyone got to choose a Titanium sports necklace.

Three cheers for No. 9!

Back to School Printable Photo Signage

I’ve been trying to get to this all day, but in all honesty, we splashed at the pool instead. Last day of summer and all! Yep, my kiddos are heading back to school tomorrow. (Tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow…) Here are the updated versions of my printables for you photo taking moms, dads, teachers and all! So charge up your camera (the good one) and let’s get ready for back to school!

Here’s what they look like (if you take your picture in the blinding sun).

I also updated these Seniors Class of 20– Signage. I love torturing the neighborhood kids with the group photo opps. It gives all the parents a lump in their throat, but I know we will all enjoy looking back at those in just a few years from now.

I have included Seniors Class of 2015 through Seniors Class of 2027. Here’s a cheat sheet for those of you who don’t want to do the math.

2014-2015 School Year

  • Kindergarten – Class of 2027
  • 1st Grade – Class of 2026
  • 2nd Grade – Class of 2025
  • 3rd Grade – Class of 2024
  • 4th Grade – Class of 2023
  • 5th Grade – Class of 2022
  • 6th Grade – Class of 2021
  • 7th Grade – Class of 2020
  • 8th Grade – Class of 2019
  • 9th Grade – Class of 2018
  • 10th Grade – Class of 2017
  • 11th Grade – Class of 2016
  • 12th Grade – Class of 2015

You can download these free printables below. All signage is set up to print on an 8.5 x 11″ letter size page with the corresponding First/Last day sign now laid out to print together on a full page, each at half letter size.

First/Last Day of School Picture Signage

Seniors Class of 20– Signage

First Last Jr Sr Kindergarten Signage

Enjoy! Back to School here we come! And just in time. The dog really needs a nice eight hour nap.

Clowning Around First Birthday

Hold onto your bowler hats, and behold the cuteness of this first birthday party! We recently helped Lauren’s baby, Jack, celebrate this milestone with a little clowning around in the back yard.

Here are the invitations I designed for the occasion. She added a whimsical feel to the solid white envelopes by adding colorful Avery dots from the office supply store and addressing each invitation using a combination of her handwriting and hand stamped letters. She also added some glitter details to the invitation.

As we’ve come to expect from Lauren and her celebrations, there were amazing themed elements inside and out.

Most of the action was set up on their covered back porch, including this adorable buffet table and pint-sized seating for the short stacks.

The spread was complete with ChickFilA chicken minis, bacon, cheese cubes, fruit, puffs, cupcakes and more!

She dressed up these take and toss cups with custom clown face cutouts complete with bendy straws and flowers.

These great place settings are one of my favorite party details. The kids liked them too!

They were quick to try their hats, glasses and clown noses on for size.

There was face painting and a performance by Jackson’s own Smiley the Clown.

Smiley did a great job. He made balloon animals for the kids and performed several tricks that had us all scratching our heads.

Clap for Smiley!

Then it was my favorite time – cake!

That flirty little face! Swoon.

Look, ma! No hands. Priceless. I could have watched this boy attack that cake all day.

There were more sweet details inside.

I love their tradition of creating a framed keepsake of the boys’ first birthday invitations and having all the party guests sign.

Guests signed their names and headed home with their very own set of juggling balls.

Here’s the coordinating thank you note.

Last first birthday for this family. Time goes by too quickly. Happy first birthday sweet Jack!

Khaki and Green First Communion Celebration

We recently celebrated my oldest’s First Communion with family and friends. It has been on my radar since the beginning of the school year, and honestly not having been through it before I was a little apprehensive about planning for it. To say that getting dressed up and sitting demurely in front of an audience would not be on my eight-year-old boy’s Top 10 list of favorite things would be an understatement.

I went on a covert shopping mission. You know the kind where you flit in, buy anything +/- his size that might conceivably work and take it home so you can battle in private over the “pretty clothes.” Well I found the cutest little khaki summer suit at J. Crew and a little pale green tie with blue polka dots among several other options, including seersucker and madras, and really dreaded even showing them to him. To my great relief, he was as giddy and excited about that suit as I’ve ever seen him (except for that one time an hour outside of Orlando when we disclosed we were going to Walt Disney World). So with his attire for the big day selected and being devoid of any desire to do white and baby blue anything (he’s eight and six months after all, not six months), I forged ahead–carrying the khaki and green color scheme throughout. Here’s a look at the custom invitation I created.

First Communion Invitation

Despite the threat of severe weather, the rain held off and we had a beautiful day of celebration at the First Communion Mass and afterward at our home. I found these amazing bent willow twig crosses, and my very talented friend and next-door neighbor, Gina of Sparkling Like a Diamond, added a special touch with some live roses, snapdragons and greenery for our double doors out front.

Communion or Baptism Door Decoration

First Communion Decorations for the entry

On the entry table was this rustic church bird house we got years ago as a wedding gift.

I decorated the tables with rolls of inexpensive kraft-colored wrapping paper and thick green ribbon. I found this over-sized decorative rosary at a local outlet and used it on the main dining table.

First Communion Dining Table

We used a few decorative items that belonged to my husband’s grandmothers and set them off with some cutwork linens–my great grandmother’s I believe.

I fashioned this double-sided wreath from two separate moss door decorations that my partner Lauren had used for her three sons’ baptisms, attaching it to a wooden stand and adding a thick white ribbon.

Moss Cross Centerpiece

Since we were coming straight from Mass, Lauren picked up some yummy pasta dishes from one of our favorite Italian restaurants as well as chicken fingers, my boy’s favorite! I printed this blessing and slipped it into this chalkboard frame that I’d been waiting for the opportunity to use.

I folded these cute little dress shirts and ties from paper and used them as menu cards.

Folded Paper Menu Card Holders for First Communion

The kids got Sprites with stripey straws, and the adults were served tea, wine or beer.

I made these little tags to help folks tell whose glass was whose.

paper wine tags

While we were celebrating a serious occasion, I tried to be conscious of the fact that this party was for an eight-year-old. I wanted to keep the mood light and fun. I thought a jar of gumballs in our party colors fit the bill.

We ate, drank and enjoyed the company of friends and family who were in town for the big day. I even let Reese cut the cake.

first communion cake

When it was time to call it a night (after all we had school the next day) we sent guests home with a little something.


I ordered these sweet little seeded paper crosses to give to the kids. Just add water!

Congratulations to my sweet boy Reese on his big day!

Invitations, Tags and Party Styling by

Cake by Scarlett Vineyard

Party Favors by

Birthday Fun on the Farm

I can’t wait for you to see this adorable Farm Party my partner Lauren hosted for her son’s 2nd birthday. Inspired by her great grandfather’s dairy farm, Benton Woods, and her son’s love of animals, she hosted friends and family for fun on the farm at her home, complete with some fun details and even a mobile petting zoo. First off, here’s the invitation I designed. It read “Cock-a-Doodle-Doo! Coleman’s turning two. Let’s party ’til the cows come home.”

Their front door does not get much foot traffic, but these simple themed wreaths and dairy cow decorations let everyone know they were at the right house.

The main event took place around back, where the gate was decorated like a red barn door and propped open with a metal milk can from her family’s farm.

It was a mild and beautiful day outside, and the children enjoyed playing with bunnies, chickens, pygmy goats, a lamb, a miniature pony, a llama and more!

After some hard work and play, the guests washed up and helped themselves to a hearty farm hand’s breakfast.

They were seated at tables just their size which were outfitted with these red barn plates Lauren created and handmade animal-themed cups.

Silverware was neatly tucked in old denim pockets with red bandana napkins. LOVE.

There’s the Farmer now.

To wet their whistles, guests visited this clever beverage station with juices, white and chocolate milk. Mason jar drink glasses for the adults, each tied with a spring of wheat, added to the farm feel.

Ordinary bottles of water were dressed up with a touch of gingham fabric and some twine.

This hand-painted sign was made from reclaimed wood.

There was more to see inside. This little guy from the invitation peered around the edge of the storm door.

Pink exam gloves turned balloons proved udderly fabulous and added to the whimsical feel of the party. Seriously, if this doesn’t make you smile, you’ve got problems.

A great pen and ink of the party inspiration, Benton Woods Farm, was on display along with other little details to make guests smile.

Additional seating was available for those taller than three feet.

Bathroom door signage. C’mon. Funny.

And fair warning to anyone venturing outside to visit with the animals…

There’s big brother with the surprise star of the party–this cow air walker balloon. It’s like the dog you never had. Or the one that you do have that you would never walk if your parents asked you to but that you occasionally enjoy leading around the house on a leash.

This sweet cake was perfect for the day with the animals, grass and picket fencing.

After cake and fun, guests each took home a watering can with a toddler-sized hand tool for plowing the soil and some seeds to sew.

Here we are–the ladies of Pink Peppermint Parties. That’s Lauren on the left and me (Eleanor) on the right. You may notice that not only did Lauren host this amazing party, but also that she did it with a only few weeks to go before baby boy no. 3 made his debut. I am in awe.

Photos: Sweet Magnolia Photography

Cake: Crumb Gourmet

Printed Party Goods:

Styling: Pink Peppermint Parties

Preppy Blue & Green 40th Birthday

With my sister’s 40th birthday a couple of months away, my brother-in-law and I started tossing around some ideas. Amanda has a classic taste and quickly shot down any notions of a themed party, costumes, etc. Fine by me. I started thinking about her favorite things and how we might incorporate those into a sort of non-theme party to give us some direction. Preppy, monograms, her favorite colors, a capella music, favorite books, television shows and movies from our childhood. Anything we were using had to either fit in my checked luggage or be shipped in advance up to her house. Hmmm….

I wanted to do something bright and cheerful to offset the gray January weather in Massachusetts. Here’s the invitation I designed.

I wasn’t sure if anyone would even see this, but I think it’s hilarious. She told me later someone called it to her attention.

Mom and I rendezvoused at our connecting flight and arrived at my sister’s house ready to help throw a party. The party was on my sister’s actual birthday so my brother-in-law sent her out with friends for a day of fun, while he and other friends picked up the cake and flowers, then rolled up their sleeves and helped us set up for the party.

Store-bought paper medallions in our party colors were embellished with the monogram from the invitation and with a version using “40.”

Old photos were displayed through the downstairs for guests to continue discovering as the night went on. Some pictures were displayed on store-bought photo clips featuring her monogram, while other photo stands were made from wine corks stuck in inexpensive glass candlesticks and topped with paper clips to slip the picture in. I wrapped the corks in green washi tape for added coordination.

I created a series of Always/Never rules to live by called “Wisdom at 40,” as a way to work some of our favorite lines from favorite movies and (even a few inside jokes) into the evening. I knew the birthday girl would “get it” and felt sure some of the guests would have a laugh too.

The “Rules” got funnier to us as the night went on.

BRF is real. My sister and I are lifelong sufferers. Newsflash: You cannot always assume that someone who is not smiling is unhappy or angry. It is, however, safe to assume you will put them in a bad mood if you suggest they smile. Rant over.

There were quite a few other versions displayed throughout the house with old photos. OK, one more…

I totally just put that one in for meanness, and because I plagued my sister with this Olivia Newton-John earworm on and off for weeks before her party. And now she’s reading this post. And talking ugly about me. Aren’t you, Amanda? You’re welcome.

Anything that would stand still got a photo or twelve.

I thought this was funny because of its British origin–not unlike my sister, who was born in England while my Dad served in the Air Force. And because I am so over this trend. Tired of keeping calm. Stick a fork in it, folks. Done.

There were beautiful flowers in several spots,

simple door decor,

initials for the mantel,

custom paper wine charms,

and even a little metal chicken a la Beyonce, made famous by a series of posts from The Bloggess, showed up with her morning coffee.

I don’t know what that chicken is up to these days, but I am sure she is resting comfortably in a place of honor.

My BIL handled the cake and the food, and he did a great job! Dinner was catered with some of their favorites and was delicious. After we ate there was cake, which coordinated with the party colors and featured the birthday girl’s monogram.

When guests left, they each to home a packet of green and blue tissues. You know, to cry about lost youth.

We had a fantastic time with my favorite sister and her family and friends celebrating her 40th birthday!

And if you’re ever in a pinch for a birthday gift idea, remember your 40th is big metal chickens. When you start to look, you see them everywhere! Knock, knock…

Valentine’s Day Classroom Exchanges

Valentine’s Day has never been my favorite, so it’s harder for me to get in the spirit I suppose. I mean I like flowers and chocolate as much as the next WAHM, but I’d rather be surprised with them on a random Tuesday than because the calendar says it’s February 14th. You love me? Awesome. I know because you folded and put away the mountain of clean clothes that was keeping me from falling face first into bed, not because you paid 5x markup for some grocery store roses that look like the cat has been chewing on them. We don’t have a cat, mind you. But you know what I mean.

I suppose my excitement for Valentine’s Day waned some years after the classroom exchanges and parties stopped. I mean who doesn’t love an excuse for a cupcake? I am happy to report however, that my kiddos are in the sweet spot age-wise for Valentine’s Day–ages 8 and 6. Not QUITE old enough to be mortally embarrassed by having to exchange some sort of “I think you’re neat” sentiment with every classmate, but old enough to write their own names and the names of all their classmates and to almost enjoy the task. Woot! AND to still let me make cute stuff that they are not embarrassed to hand out. Double Woot!

Baby Girl is in Kindergarten this year. I was sort of halfheartedly perusing Pinterest a few weeks back and came across these super fantastic candy necklace Valentine’s Day printables from willowday. Ding Ding. We have a winner. Baby Girl never met a candy necklace she didn’t like. Plus, she LOVES a good assembly project. I wound up tweaking an existing rosy-cheeked likeness I already had of her from this gymnastics party and also threw in a To:/From: format that her teacher requested for handwriting practice, then printed them 2up on a 5×7 card and trimmed. Here’s my finished product.

I cut straight slits from the edge to the neck on either side and slipped the candy necklace in either slit, hiding the rest of the necklace (actually we used the 3/$1 candy bracelets from Party City) behind the card. We slipped each card into an inexpensive sleeve from the gift basket section of Michael’s (45 bags for $3), folded the excess behind and sealed the flap with heart stickers. She is super pumped to give these out, and I could tell she felt quite accomplished when we were done. I so wish this had been my idea. Sigh. Anyhoo, you can download your own free printables at willowday (link above).

Now that I had her taken care of I turned my attention to my big boy–age 8. I had seen some bookmark Valentines and thought it was a fabulous idea–perfect for second graders or any age reading chapter books. Useful with a life past February 15th, which would mean avoiding overtly V Day colored schemes. Simple graphics. Nothing too frilly. So then I set out to think of some pithy bookmarky saying. Came up with “You’re tops in my book.” Boom. Googled it.¬†Found these cute printable bookmarks from Positively Splendid that say “You’re number 1 in my book.” Phooey. Don’t you hate it when you thought you’d come up with something? I so wish this had been my idea. Sigh.

I designed a different version for my kiddo. I wanted it to say something cool (or that he would think was cool). Think like an eight-year-old boy. Think like an eight-year-old boy. Honestly, I probably could have resorted to one-word potty humor and that would have been the funniest thing they’d ever seen. Or even, “Dude, it’s Valentine’s Day.” This is what I came up with.

“You wrote the book on AWESOME.” I hope it makes them all feel good every time they look at it. I got his stamp of approval and printed–complete with his name because with all the school work we have and extra this week for Valentine’s prep I seriously could not think about the effort it would take for me to get him to address these. I took them to my local pack and ship for lamination. Almost lost an eye in transport. Bent over holding them and one of them stabbed me in the corner of the eye. Nobody saw. Score.

Hope your kiddos have a magical Valentine’s Day and that you fold no laundry. Or at least keep the cat away from your flowers. For real. That stuff you sprinkle in the water cannot be good for them.

Gymnastics Birthday Party – Flippin’ Out

Today I’m sharing photos from my daughter’s 6th birthday party. She started taking gymnastics lessons last year. That coupled with her love for American Girl, McKenna, and her involvement with the sport was all the excuse we needed to choose the theme for her 6th birthday celebration. Here’s a look at the invitation I created. We had already decided to go with gymnastics in the Fall, when a dear friend came to me looking for an invitation for her son and daughter’s joint gymnastics party. I was super pumped to have this mostly done given that I had to pounce on party planning immediately after the holidays were over. Seriously. Like December 26th. I tweaked the design just a bit for our use, changing the appearance of the gymnast to look like our birthday girl, the colors and hand embellishing the invitations with glitter.

I love the look the glitter gave the invitations, but my favorite part–and possibly my favorite regrets line of all time–was this.

C’mon. Funny.

The party was at our gymnastics gym, and with a party booked just before ours, we had to keep our time constraints in mind when planning the decorations.We set up the party in the viewing gallery while the birthday girl and her kindergarten friends tested their balance and skills on the gym floor.

This next one is my favorite pic. Captures my girl perfectly! Plus, I stick out my tongue when I’m concentrating. It’s genetic. For real.

When they finished tumbling, all the girls got to take the medal stand for a photo opp.

Then upstairs for snacks and cake!

We served forward and backward rolls with ham and turkey and pretzel twists (drizzled with cookie icing and sprinkles–a surprise hit) among other things.

Each place was set with a homemade scrunchi napkin ring, because it made me laugh and gymnastics is sort of the final frontier of the scrunchi.

Those and 27 of those snap-shut barrettes to hold stray hairs in place. Am I right? Anyhoo, I had joked beforehand that the girls probably wouldn’t even know what the scrunchies were. Well, what do you think they did? Yep. They went straight from napkin ring to hair accessory.

Here I am above applying said scrunchi to birthday girl’s hair.

Each girl also had a cup featuring one of five glittered gymnasts and a framed printable take-home that said, “She believed she could do it, so she did.” An excellent lesson for us all. It seemed like a good seed to plant at this age where the possibilities seem so endless. The other day my daughter told me she was going to be a singing star, and then when she’s 19 she’d retire and babysit.

Seating choices went down like this: 1) proximity to birthday girl, 2) color of scrunchi, 3) similarity of the likeness on the cup to guest and 4) color of mat on frame (purple, lime or teal blue). It’s life or death color decision time y’all.

Then it was time for cake, which was honestly some of the best I’ve ever had, and made to coordinate with our invitation. Next time I will inflate my guest estimate so we can enjoy more leftovers!

She did not reveal her wish, but I bet it had something to do with a perfect cartwheel.

The girls and their parents ate, visited and jammed to some of the birthday girl’s favorite girl power anthems. When it was time to leave they also got a CD to enjoy at home. It was packaged in a hinged soft plastic case and hung from a ribbon so they could wear it like a medal. We’re all winners here!

Happy 6th to my sweet, spirited baby girl!

Photography by Kirk Giessinger

Party Styling and Paper Goods by Pink Peppermint Parties

Whimsical Thanksgiving Turkey Centerpiece

So I answered the call for anyone who was “crafty” to make decorations for our Kindergarten Thanksgiving Feast. I’ve been sort of noodling on what I wanted to do, what I could use to make the decorations, etc. I scored some paper party goods at Party City last week, and thought I’d try my hand at making big turkeys for the tables to use with some paper lantern pumpkins I still have. From a baby shower. Two years ago. Don’t judge.

I played around with my materials and my trusty glue gun last night, and here’s what I came up with. If this guy isn’t the most hilarious thing ever well, then I just don’t know what is.

His name is still forthcoming, but if you want to make one of your own. Here’s what you’ll need:

    -One 7 to 9 1/2 inch paper lantern (red, orange or brown – mine was 9 1/2″ red)
    -One 12 to 16 inch paper fan decoration (mine was 16 inch rainbow)
    -One heart-shaped balloon for his red hangy thing (aka wattle)
    -One 2 oz black condiment cup (you can also use a small disposable cup you use to rinse in the bathroom by covering it with black paper)
    -Four sheets of paper (one brown, one black, one yellow, one orange)
    -One googly eye
    -One letter-sized piece of cardboard
    -One low temperature glue gun/sticks
    -Rubber cement


    • Print the attached template and use the patterns to cut out a yellow beak and buckle, brown head and black hat brim.
    • Use the feet/base template to cut the base out of cardboard. Once cut, trace the cardboard onto orange paper. Cut out and use the orange paper feet to cover the cardboard base. Adhere the two with rubber cement.
    • Unwrap the paper fan and before unfolding it, round off the pointy ends of the tissue paper with hefty scissors.

    • Unwrap the paper lantern and using a pair of pliers, twist or snip off the C-shaped metal piece on one end of the metal lantern frame. It gets in the way of having the tail feathers sit snuggly to the body of the turkey.

    • Open the paper lantern and insert metal frame.
    • Open the fan and hot glue the paper fan edges together in open position.
    • Turn the paper lantern on its side so that the smaller opening is on the left and the larger opening is on the right side of the lantern instead of top and bottom. Rotate the lantern about 20 degrees so that the smaller head opening is looking up at an angle and the larger tail hole is pointing down a bit. This helps the tail feathers to splay out at a nice angle and allows the brown piece for the head to sit more flush with the lantern when adhered.
    • Align the paper fan to the larger hole in the lantern at right so that the bottom of the fan and the bottom of the lantern will sit flush on a surface. The tail feathers will protrude at an angle from the body. Adhere with hot glue.
    • Once the glue is set, adhere the belly of the lantern to the circular base of the turkey’s feet with hot glue, making sure the feet show on the side opposite the tail feathers and that the circular base is mostly hidden under the lantern body.

    • Take the heart balloon, and blow a tiny bit of air into it. Stop when you feel the balloon resist–just before it really starts to stretch–as shown in first picture.
    • Being careful not to burn yourself, seal the balloon by using low temperature hot glue inside the stem. This works better than tying a knot because it will lie flat against the head and beak.
    • Wrap the end of the balloon around the back of the beak and adhere with hot glue.

    • Flop the slightly inflated wattle over the top of the beak and adhere flat with hot glue.
    • Adhere a single googly eye and beak with wattle just left of center as shown here on the finished product on the brown turkey head you cut out.
    • Cut a slit along the center line in the 3 inch black circle hat brim you cut out, making sure not to cut all the way to the edges.
    • Turn the 2oz black cup upside down and with a tiny bit of hot glue, adhere the edge of the cup centered within the 3 inch circle brim.
    • Cover the slit in the hat with hot glue, then slip the hat on the turkey’s head by inserting the top of the head into the slit.
    • Once set, apply hot glue to the back of the gold paper buckle, and adhere it to the front of the hat.
    • Once the turkey face is assembled, apply glue to the wide right and wide left sides on the back side of the turkey head base. At its widest part, wrap the base of the head piece around the lantern. Press and hold the sides to the paper lantern until set.

    And unless something went terribly wrong, you should now have this sassy guy!

    Here’s a back view.

    He’s festive any way you look at him. Give thanks and enjoy!

    Toe Touches & Touchdowns Football Birthday Party

    Today, I’m sharing a fun and unique party for three birthday boys and one birthday girl! The party mamas, who were looking to beat the July heat in Jackson, Miss., took this football- and cheer-themed party indoors! Guests were invited to dress out and “run some drills and sharpen [their] skills before the regular season.”

    This entry to the “foot”ballroom was set off with this fun balloon archway made using Link-O-Loons.

    Chalkboard signage throughout the party gave a nod to locker room game plans.

    The scene was set with game day pennants celebrating the kids’, their ages and their favorite teams, including some memorabilia from one of the party dads.

    Cheer-themed tables gave guests the spirit with flowers, megaphones and poms in pink and purple.

    There was lots to keep the kids busy, including this “Game Face” station complete with spirit tattoos and eye black!

    Here’s my partner Lauren and one of the birthday boys, who was all smiles and feeling pretty tough after getting his game face on!

    Breakfast was served from this great buffet table complete with yard lines and goal posts in either end zone. Guests chose from Point After Pancakes, Pigskin (Bacon) and First Down Fruit. A separate game day drink table was set up with Victory Punch served in Gatorade cups.

    In other sports news, in addition to a low-profile bouncy house, the party was complete with agility and tackling drills.

    A DJ set the tone with an incredible mix of heart-pumping music to get the crowd into it. Two squads of local cheerleaders came out and did some stunts and tumbling as well as manning the Game Face station and leading the guests in a few dance sessions.

    Here’s the amazing dessert table set up under a tailgate tent and featuring football- and cheer-themed cake pops as well as some great cakes by Fat Cake Guy. I love the pennants and pom trim!

    There was a main cake for the guests as well as an individual cake to let each of the birthday kiddos have their moment to make a wish!

    In the fourth quarter the players started to show signs of fatigue, and guests each left with a personalized water bottle.

    They also got these mini foam fingers with Blow Pops tucked inside. And one of my favorite details from the whole party was the, “Hey, Hey, Hey, Goodbye…” sign from the favor table! Love.

    This was another great idea! One of the party dads took pictures and set up a URL where guests could go view them and order prints for themselves.

    In lieu of gifts, guests were asked to make donations of new toys, games and snacks to the UMC Candlelighters, an organization that serves pediatric cancer patients at a local hospital.

    The giant box was nearly full of great items that were donated by the party goers! This game plan was Win.Win.Win. in my book.

    Here’s our birthday foursome! What a great time everyone had at their Toe Touches & Touchdowns Summer Training Camp!

    Special thanks to party dad, Conrad from, for sharing his images with us!