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I’m giving Lauren a much-needed break, so I’ll be the one to tell you about her son’s second birthday! Quite frankly, there’s some gushing to be done, and it’s much easier to gush about someone else’s party than it is your own. The party was so very cute, and I have so many pictures that I don’t even know where to begin, but here goes…

Pink Peppermint Parties has been all abuzz over the details for Lauren’s son’s 2nd birthday. No flies on us, for sure. For those of you who don’t remember or weren’t following me very early on, this is the adorable party she worked up for his 1st birthday.

This year’s theme was Bugs, and the challenge was to make it a party any boy would be proud of but also keep it sweet for a birthday boy still knee high to a grasshopper. We set the mood with this invitation design.

The munched edges turned out to be one of my favorite little details! Lauren even munched the flap on the envelope. Love it.

Party goers handed over these sluggy buggies to gain entrance to the Museum park. Now onto the BIG day!

The festivities were held at an outdoor pavilion. Each table had a sweet, grassy centerpiece complete with all types of creepy critters centered around these pint-sized, colorful arrangements of fly swatters and a butterfly net–all planted like flowers in large Mason jars.

Every kiddo had a place set with these stinkin’ adorable bug boxes that were personalized in buggy fashion with their names.

Also, waiting for them were butterfly nets, magnifying glasses, Build-A-Bug gummies, and these bug-eyed party hats.

There were bug-themed coloring sheets and crayons too!

How sweet is the little ladybug on that bunch of crayons? Swoon. I ran to get my camera when I saw them. I am SUCH a sucker for little details like that.

There was also an adorable game table with bug-themed puzzles, a bubble machine¬† (aka “the Fogger”) and COOTIE! Remember that game? Ahhh, memories…

Before lunch and cake, everyone enjoyed a bug hunt on the lawn. The kids grabbed their nets and had a great time searching for all the different kinds of bugs. Here’s the birthday boy in action.

Then it was time to munch. Note the hand sanitizer in that adorable buggy dispenser. Lauren really thought of everything!

I love the munched plates and the napkin rings too. I held one out to my two-year-old to take and she jumped a foot when she saw that spider on her napkin.

There were Slug Sliders, Roly Poly pinwheels, P, Bee and Js, Ants on a Log, Grub Worm Fruit Skewers and Bugs in a Rug.


On such a hot summer day, the kids cooled off with what else but Bug Juice!

The adults enjoyed their drinks from these adorable homemade bug jars.

I designed the butterfly, bee and ladybug straw critters and cut them with a newly acquired piece of equipment. I was so excited by how they turned out! Rest assured there is much more party stuff along these lines shaping up!

After lunch, everyone made a beeline to the dessert table, which was highlight by delightful mosquito netting that had caught paper butterflies and ladybug hairclips, handmade by the birthday boy’s grandmother, for the girls to take home.

We also made a birthday banner with our new equipment and hung it with grosgrain ribbon behind the dessert table. It’s a little hard to see here, but it read “Happy Bday” and had a cutout of a bee in place of the letter.

The cake was a yummy chocolate bumblebee. How cute is that? I loved the antennae.

We did these cupcake wrappers with a sweet little plaid bee buzzing along for the delicious vanilla cupcakes.

And what dessert table is complete without a few grub worm gummies?

The birthday boy made his wish and everyone dug in. Look at that big boy in his buggy outfit. Too cute!

When kids and parents were all bugged out, they all headed into the Museum to cool off and have some more fun before heading home. Here’s the sticker they got before leaving.

Happy 2nd Bee-day sweet Wright!

49 thoughts on “Bug Out Birthday

  1. Thanks Kelly! I believe the big leaves were from Oriental Trading. The beverage tub was purchased that way. It is bendable gauge wire with decorative beading that is threaded through the top lip of the tub and wrapped in a spiral fashion through and around over the top edge. Good luck with your son’s bug party!

  2. Love your party and will use some of your ideas for my son’s bug themed 5th birthday. Where did you get the big leaves? Also, what is hanging off of the metal tub holding the bug juice? Did you make those?

  3. Thanks, Yvette! The square plates may have been from WalMart or Party City. We used a scalloped circle paper punch to “munch” the edges.

  4. Thanks Leisl! The holes were actually made with a drill. The edges and the top of the lid were smooth. Not sure if the underside of the lid was rough or not. Parents were in charge of refills though. Hope this helps!

  5. I love the drink/bug jars. How did you poke the holes in the lid? Are they sharp?

  6. I absolutely love the way you did this party, so many ideas! I understand where to get a lot of the things you used, but where did you get those napkins?

  7. Where can I find these invitations? Did you order them somewhere or do you make and sell them? Definitely interested, please e-mail me!

  8. This is SO cute! We are starting to plan our son’s first birthday party and I thought a bug theme would be cute, since we call him E-Bug or Bug a lot! I’m so excited to show my husband!

  9. I have seen the Bug Juice at convenience stores around here. You could probably find it online too. Also just saw a recent bug party where they served punch and called it Beetle Juice. How cute is that? I think the little rolled pinwheels were from Sam’s Club. :) Hope this helps!

  10. did you have to order the bug juice bottles? if not, where did you purchase them?

    also, is the recipe for the roll ups online?

  11. Hi! I love the invites you used for this party. Did you make them or did you order them from somewhere? Thanks!

  12. My daughter is turning 8 in October and my sister and I are planning a “Buggy” party for her–“Bug” is one of her nicknames, so it’s a good theme for her and she’s crazy about bugs–not spiders or bees, but pretty much all others. I think grasshoppers are her favorite at the moment. I got some good ideas from this, Thanks!

  13. Hello very nice party only do I want to ask where I can obtain a container for the water like that they have there? Thank you

  14. Super adorable party!!! Just wondering if you could put a link to where you purchased the punch for the bugs on the straws. Again, super cute!

  15. Seriously adorable party! If only I was as creative! We are doing a grasshopper (cricket) themed party for my son’s upcoming first birthday (we call him “cricket” because he constantly rubs his feet together). Would you email me if there is a chance I could get you to make the green bug straw decor (maybe 8 or 10 of them) for our party? You set the price! And love how you put them in mason jars!

  16. Looking for that super cute little buggy shortall your little boy was wearing. Planning on a bug theme birthday party for my little one and need something cute for him to wear. I come from a family where everything is smocked or appliqued, shortall or longall and worn with sun-san sandals….and I have tried to find a cute bug outfit with no success. Let me know the brand or store where you got it…

    Thanks – and great job on the party…super cute!

  17. I just love all the little details of this party! How did you do the grass centerpieces? Love the Cootie game too!

  18. I love the personalized bug house. Where can I get them? I’m doing a lady bug theme for my 3 yr old and I would love to give them out as party favors.

  19. Love the ideas. I am planning a bug themed baby shower and will be using many of your ideas. How did you paper punch the munches out of the plates and invites? I want one!!!

  20. I came here from the Creative Party Place and WOW, it’s fantastic! The invitations are really wonderful, and I love the details like the ladybug on the crayons – so glad you shared it! =)

  21. I’m buzzzing from all the amazing details … sure makes my idea for cake and ice cream with a balloon guy seem ho-hum. But now I’m inspired! Thanks.

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