I made these marshmallow pops for my daughter’s winter princess party.

I had bought all the supplies: large pink marshmallows, squirtable white cookie icing (the kind that sets and comes in a sort of glue bottle), pink pearl nonpareils and 6 in. lollipop sticks–but thought surely I’d run out of time before the party started.

It was literally 15 minutes before the guests came. I tried it to see if it would work, and had what I think are great results given how totally easy they are to make. No, really. If you can use glue, you can do this. The kids L.O.V.E. to eat them, and it’s something that’s not messy that they can help make!

Pour nonpareils on a plate, follow the directions for preparing the cookie icing (*note: after some trial and error, I only heated mine for a fraction of the time it called for because hot icing=runny icing) and apply a THIN layer to the top of the marshmallow. Press the icing side of the marshmallow face down into the nonpareils.

Then lift and fill in any holes in the coverage and neaten the edges by hand. Set face up on a plate to dry. Once dry, insert lollipop stick into opposite side of marshmallow.

I cut some simple leaf shapes out of green paper and used a small hole punch (and a little wriggling) to thread the lollipop sticks through.

And Voila! A marshmallow rose.

If you want to do this step, it’s easier to add the leaves before you insert the stick into the marshmallow. My small hole punch was a little too small so I made a couple of overlapping punches to make the hole a bit bigger. We are giving a half dozen “roses” to teachers for Valentine’s Day wrapped in tissue paper and cellophane bags like real flowers would be.

I think this would also be cute for a Valentine’s party, as a festive centerpiece for a springtime shower, Easter parties or for other party themes where roses/flowers play a part–Beauty and the Beast, Bachelor/Bachelorette finale watching parties (do people have those anymore?) You get the idea. How would you use these?