My friend Katie’s oldest is starting Kindergarten in a few weeks. She mentioned that she’s been on the hunt for some cute printable signs to commemorate the first day of each school year. You know the ones you make your kids hold up in a picture on the first day of school?

Sounds cute, no? We both thought it might be a fun, free printable to offer. Here’s what I came up with. I have options for pre-school through senior year here and will likely do some that can be used for the last day of school too so you can see how much they’ve changed over the school year.

I changed up the design for the older kids. I’m sure there will still be plenty of eye rolling.

Here’s what they look like (if you don’t wait til 3:45 pm in front of your west-facing house on a 100 degree day). Sun grins. We don’t start until next week, but you get the idea!

I also got started thinking it might be fun to do some Seniors Class of … Sign printables. I always loved seeing those photos of a group of us in third grade who all graduated together years later. I hope to get some of the neighborhood boys with their Seniors Class of 2024 sign after they walk home from school on the first day! I have included Seniors Class of 2025 through Seniors Class of 2013. Here’s a cheat sheet for those of you who don’t want to do the math.

2012-2013 School Year

  • Kindergarten – Class of 2025
  • 1st Grade – Class of 2024
  • 2nd Grade – Class of 2023
  • 3rd Grade – Class of 2022
  • 4th Grade – Class of 2021
  • 5th Grade – Class of 2020
  • 6th Grade – Class of 2019
  • 7th Grade – Class of 2018
  • 8th Grade – Class of 2017
  • 9th Grade – Class of 2016
  • 10th Grade – Class of 2015
  • 11th Grade – Class of 2014
  • 12th Grade – Class of 2013

Download free printable below. All signage is set up to print on an 8.5 x 11″ letter size page.

First Day of School Photo Signage

Seniors Class of 20… Signage Download

Enjoy! Back to School here we come!

You can find Last Day of School Photo signage here.

Updated Signage for the 2013-2014 School year is here.