A New Baby Boy | Sip ‘n See Shower

My friend and party planning partner, Lauren, and her family have welcomed a new baby boy! We are hosting a Sip ‘n See Shower for them next weekend. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this kind of shower, it’s a get-together after the baby arrives, sometimes at the mother’s home, sometimes not. Presumably, quite Southern (although I am an Alabama girl born and raised and never heard of such until a few years ago when someone asked me to do an invitation for one). Guests are invited to drop by within a set range of hours, visit, see the new baby and enjoy some refreshments. Like a band-aid. Fast and all at once. I like it. I’ve never actually been to one myself, so I’m very excited about the shower and about our theme!

Here is the invitation.

I can’t wait to share with you how it all comes together!

2 thoughts on “A New Baby Boy | Sip ‘n See Shower

  1. Had never heard of a sip-and-see either, till venturing into blogland. Seems like a great (and practical) idea…and your invite with the twine is just adorable. Looking forward to the full party post!

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