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As you may know, my family and I moved recently. And when I say recently, I mean right at a year ago. Why am I thinking about it now? Because after a mere 377 days on the market, we just sold our old house! WOO HOO! I know a lot of folks are in the same boat. Hang in there!

Lots of us are on the move during the summer months and scurrying to get settled in before school starts. Thought I’d share a few custom moving announcements I’ve done over the last year or so.

For a friend moving to a new home in their golf community, I combined some existing artwork to create this moving announcement.

This is one of my favorites. It was created in a round of options for another friend moving to a new ‘hood in Nashville. Not the announcement she picked for those keeping score. That’s OK, though. Totally need to add this one to the online store.

This is the one she picked. Bungalow style.

**Technical note** I’m crossing my fingers that these images look more crisp to you than they do to me. I’ve tried jpgs, pngs, various size compressions. Blurry images. It’s a mystery. If you have a clue as to the problem, help a girl out. When you click to enlarge, BTW they are crystal clear. Even more vexing.

And now for a couple that are more whimsical…

I laugh at this next one every time I see it.  My friend “Rose” (names have been changed to protect the innocent) had a vision of this one when she contacted me.

How hilarious is the dog? Boston Terrier. His name was not changed. Hello, Norbert!

We have moved three times in ten years, and only once have we avoided having to move in the heat of summer. July in Mississippi is like “fry your face off hot.” And don’t forget the humidity. But it’s the South. It’s where we come from, and we love it. Mostly. This last one is the announcement I designed when we moved last year.

It’s hard to believe we’ve been here a year! We’ve just now gotten some paint on the walls and still have no furniture in the entry way. Man, we’ve got some WORK to do!

If you’re on the move, here are some free printable moving announcements for you. Print single-sided as a 4×6 and add your personal info on the flip side or print double-sided and mail as a postcard! Three colors to choose from: chocolate, melon and lime. The font is cheap pine. Download below.

Enjoy and remember to lift with the legs.

Printable Moving Announcement Chocolate

Printable Moving Announcement Lime

Printable Moving Announcement Melon

Chocolate Back

Lime Back

Melon Back

4 thoughts on “{Announcing It} Moving Thoughts

  1. So glad you liked it Jenni! Although PPP is pleased to offer free printables on our blog from time to time, this is copyrighted material. It is available for purchase here. Simply add a note in the comments that you prefer the golf version. Thanks!

  2. That one for moving to the golf community is absolutely awesome as what I will be doing in a month. Is it okay if I copy?

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