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My friend, Lesley, touched base with me several months back. She was throwing an art party for her daughter’s upcoming birthday. None of the invitations she had seen were doing anything for her so she asked me to do a custom job. I worked up several options, and here’s a sample of the invitation she chose.

The party was at a local art studio. What a fun idea! And perfect because they can get all messy and you don’t have to clean it up. Awesome.

There was painting,

and sand art.

They strung beads and enjoyed all sorts of other fabulously messy creativity. There’s the birthday girl in deep concentration over her masterpiece. (Either of mine would be sticking their tongues out just so. It’s a genetic marker on my dad’s side.)

Drumroooooolllllll please…

Magnificent! And speaking of which, what a super colorful spread! I love the use of different colored solid plates for this.

Check out this artful display of cupcakes!

Can you stand it? She used an assortment of these tilt-a-whirl baking cups. So festive!

I love these super colorful homemade crayons too. Lesley said she and her sister did this a lot as kids. My mom was pretty stinkin’ crafty, but we never did this that I recall. The only thing I was melting crayons into was the floor mat of our car.

I hope some of theoe cutie crayons were included in the party favor pails. Take a look. What else but paint buckets?

Man, oh man. Look at all that good arty loot. And how about these sweet favor tags? Paint swatches. Love it!

And finally, here are the thank you notes I did for them.

Looks like much fun was had at Ella’s 6th birthday party! What a cute party theme too. I love the idea of getting back to basic fun with art! Thanks to Lesley for letting us share in the fun.

8 thoughts on “ARTy Party

  1. Love this! I am adding it to my file. I am working on a polka dot party and want to include some sort of art project/painting with dots (I think). Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi,

    Do you know where the clear paint buckets are from? I am doing an art party for my daughter’s 8th birthday and want to buy these to give the kids treats in. Thanks!!!

  3. Lucy, I haven’t tried it myself, but I think that instructions for the crayons are pretty much to break, sort and melt, swirl, melt, swirl, and so on in short increments in the microwave. Then pour into molds, freeze and pop them out. You can also do them in the oven. Here’s a nice link from Michelle over at Maddycakes Muse with specifics. She has what I’m sure will be a FANTASTIC art party feature coming up soon!

    I have seen the paint buckets at Michael’s.

  4. Can you share the recipe for the homemade crayons? Where did she find clear paint buckets? Everything was so cute!

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