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A Great Theme For Female Bloggers

Sugar plum bonbon tiramisu. Carrot cake caramels pie sesame snaps. Chupa chups sweet roll powder lollipop jelly beans. Caramels wafer liquorice lemon drops biscuit donut cheesecake danish chupa chups. Marzipan toffee jelly-o tart caramels applicake tiramisu tiramisu chupa chuSugar plum bonbon tiramisu. Carrot cake caramels pie sesame snaps. Chupa chups sweet roll powder… Read More

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Profile: Little Girl’s Birthday Brunch

Our most recent soirée is proof positive that you can throw a sweet party without spending weeks on planning or execution. I pulled off the look of our daughter Caroline’s 2nd birthday in less than two hours at Hobby Lobby with both kids in tow. The dear girl’s birthday is December 27th, you see. I… Read More

Details, details…and some free printables

There are some things in this life that I believe with all my heart. Grosgrain ribbon improves anything. That’s right. Anything. Overuse of personal fragrance should be punishable by law. Dessert is always a good idea. And, most of all, it’s all in the little details. With this I give you my kids’ Christmas classroom… Read More

Trash Talkin’ Our Way through a Birthday

So my son fell in love with a toy garbage truck at the store over two months before his birthday. When he asked to bring it home, I quipped about how he had a birthday coming up and unknowingly sealed my fate—a garbage truck party. Rubbish! I angled for a heavy machinery theme. Rejected. So… Read More

Carousel First Birthday

Lucky me! I got to help a good friend and all-around creative gal with her son Wright’s first birthday celebration. Lucky you! She agreed to share. Enjoy these sweet ideas from Lauren’s Carousel First Birthday then leave a comment above to let us know what you think! You can browse our carousel paper wares at… Read More


My name is Eleanor. I am Pink Peppermint Paper–a Southern girl, a wife and mother, a   designer and a paper junkie. I love the little details. I’m not that mom. You know, the one you want to like but can’t bring yourself to because she does everything just a little too perfectly. No, certainly not. I’m the mom who bops around… Read More