Birthday Fun on the Farm

I can’t wait for you to see this adorable Farm Party my partner Lauren hosted for her son’s 2nd birthday. Inspired by her great grandfather’s dairy farm, Benton Woods, and her son’s love of animals, she hosted friends and family for fun on the farm at her home, complete with some fun details and even a mobile petting zoo. First off, here’s the invitation I designed. It read “Cock-a-Doodle-Doo! Coleman’s turning two. Let’s party ’til the cows come home.”

Their front door does not get much foot traffic, but these simple themed wreaths and dairy cow decorations let everyone know they were at the right house.

The main event took place around back, where the gate was decorated like a red barn door and propped open with a metal milk can from her family’s farm.

It was a mild and beautiful day outside, and the children enjoyed playing with bunnies, chickens, pygmy goats, a lamb, a miniature pony, a llama and more!

After some hard work and play, the guests washed up and helped themselves to a hearty farm hand’s breakfast.

They were seated at tables just their size which were outfitted with these red barn plates Lauren created and handmade animal-themed cups.

Silverware was neatly tucked in old denim pockets with red bandana napkins. LOVE.

There’s the Farmer now.

To wet their whistles, guests visited this clever beverage station with juices, white and chocolate milk. Mason jar drink glasses for the adults, each tied with a spring of wheat, added to the farm feel.

Ordinary bottles of water were dressed up with a touch of gingham fabric and some twine.

This hand-painted sign was made from reclaimed wood.

There was more to see inside. This little guy from the invitation peered around the edge of the storm door.

Pink exam gloves turned balloons proved udderly fabulous and added to the whimsical feel of the party. Seriously, if this doesn’t make you smile, you’ve got problems.

A great pen and ink of the party inspiration, Benton Woods Farm, was on display along with other little details to make guests smile.

Additional seating was available for those taller than three feet.

Bathroom door signage. C’mon. Funny.

And fair warning to anyone venturing outside to visit with the animals…

There’s big brother with the surprise star of the party–this cow air walker balloon. It’s like the dog you never had. Or the one that you do have that you would never walk if your parents asked you to but that you occasionally enjoy leading around the house on a leash.

This sweet cake was perfect for the day with the animals, grass and picket fencing.

After cake and fun, guests each took home a watering can with a toddler-sized hand tool for plowing the soil and some seeds to sew.

Here we are–the ladies of Pink Peppermint Parties. That’s Lauren on the left and me (Eleanor) on the right. You may notice that not only did Lauren host this amazing party, but also that she did it with a only few weeks to go before baby boy no. 3 made his debut. I am in awe.

Photos: Sweet Magnolia Photography

Cake: Crumb Gourmet

Printed Party Goods:

Styling: Pink Peppermint Parties

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