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The Naked Wall

There’s a weird thing that happens once a year when I’m about to host a birthday party at our house. It’s typically only in September when we’re prepping for my son’s birthday party. I look around my house, and things that I have lived with for a year (often more) become totally unacceptable. And I… Read More

Fame, Fortune and Free Stuff!

The holidays will soon be upon us, {sigh} and it’s time for me to start working on a few new card designs for this year! Problem. I need some sweet faces to feature in those holiday cards. For all of you photographers, aspiring photographers or folks with a camera, mostly willing subjects and a good… Read More

Go-To Gifts for Baby

Buying baby gifts was much more fun before I had kids. I did not see that one coming! Now I know what people really need and more importantly, what they don’t. So even though I see something completely adorable, be it a snuggly blanket, the world’s softest stuffed animal or the tiniest of tiny onesies,… Read More


My name is Eleanor. I am Pink Peppermint Paper–a Southern girl, a wife and mother, a   designer and a paper junkie. I love the little details. I’m not that mom. You know, the one you want to like but can’t bring yourself to because she does everything just a little too perfectly. No, certainly not. I’m the mom who bops around… Read More