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I shared this around Father’s Day last year, but it was before I started blogging so I thought I’d change it up a bit and share again. My son had done one for me for Mother’s Day, and the answers were hilarious! It’s the kind of thing I will look back at in 20 years and still laugh over. [My personal favorite: Q: How much does Mommy weigh? A: “She’s BIG! She’s 636 lbs.”]

Since school here lets out well before Father’s Day, dads usually get the short end of the stick on the creative kid crafts, so I decided to make one for my boy to fill out for his padre. (Props to Mrs. B this year for completing a Dad’s Day goodie and sending it home well over a month in advance! You rock.)

This one has questions like, “What does Daddy do at work?” and “How old is he?” You can imagine the answers. My two-year-old is quite the Chatty Cathy this year, so I may try her out on it too for my own entertainment. Hope you enjoy! Download your free Father’s Day Printable here.

Meet My Dad 2010

4 thoughts on “Dad’s Day Printable

  1. I’d like to use this printable with my granddaughter this year but I can’t change the year in the heading. I’m sad.

  2. Love it Eleanor!! Loved seeing my boys’ different responses. My five year old says Daddy makes money at work while my almost three year old says he eats. Sums up their personalities!!! Thanks for the idea!!

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