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The holidays will soon be upon us, {sigh} and it’s time for me to start working on a few new card designs for this year! Problem. I need some sweet faces to feature in those holiday cards. For all of you photographers, aspiring photographers or folks with a camera, mostly willing subjects and a good eye, here’s your chance to have your photos featured in card designs in our online store, www.pinkpeppermintpaper.com.

“What’s in it for me?” you ask. Submit your pics for a chance to win a $100 gift certificate to Pink Peppermint Paper. Use it for your own cards or for any of our other paper items–invitations, announcements, custom work. Heck, we might even be sweet-talked into working on a party for you. Here’s the deal:

  • Email your high resolution photos to eleanor@pinkpeppermintpaper.com. If you want your real names to be used, please include those as well, just as you would on your own cards, e.g. “…from the Fords–Grant, Sara, Will and Anna”. If you do not include names, we’ll just make some up.
  • Each separate usable photo that you submit will get you another entry for a new chance to win. Send in as many photos as you like. Couples, singles, group shots, with our without adults.
  • By submitting photos, you are certifying that you have the rights to use/distribute these photos and that you are not infringing on anyone’s copyright to those images. If you’re not sure, PLEASE ask. We don’t like to break the rules.
  • Photographers, please include a link to your website or Facebook page, so that we can feature it at the bottom of that card design page on our website. If you submit photos of subjects who are not members of your immediate family, you must also have their permission. If they agree to participate, we’ll also submit their names to enter the drawing–that’s one for you, one for them per picture ’cause we’re just that nice!
  • Winner to be drawn randomly on Monday, August 30, 2010. That gives you two weekends to pick through your files!
  • If you are a photographer and are interested in offering your clients a discount on Pink Peppermint holiday card orders, please email me at eleanor@pinkpeppermintpaper.com and we’ll get you set up.
  • Questions? Don’t be afraid to ask. Email me at eleanor@pinkpeppermintpaper.com or post your query on our Facebook page.

Send this year’s pictures, last year’s, or the year before that! Thanks for participating. Now, go get busy!

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