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I don’t offer printables very often. Largely because I never get any real indication that people are using them. For some reason, my Father’s Day printable, first released at least two years ago, has totally exploded on Pinterest. Since early February, it has been pinned and repinned over and over. Exploding my blog hits. Blowing my mind. I mean, Father’s Day is in June. Kudos to all of you who are that far ahead of the game. I am not one of you, but I aspire to one day be! Seriously. Look at this snapshot below of things you’ve pinned from my blog. That long skinny pale yellow thing is my Father’s Day printable. It’s like that all the way down the page. That and those pink marshmallow flowers. Who knew, right?

I’ve got several versions of that printable floating around. Some of them are year-specific. Some are not. All have a yellow tie design running down the center. I guess it’s sort of an antiquated notion that ties represent dads though. My husband wears a suit and tie to work. Every. Single. Day. Many dads don’t though, and I’m sure they are glad for it! I know I would be. I’ve just finished an updated version: Dad in t-shirt. Top Pop. I’ve switched up the questions a bit and added a place for your kiddo’s name, age and the year as well. Enjoy!

Download it here:Meet My Dad Printable or here.

Here’s the Granddad version.

10 thoughts on “Father’s Day Printable | Meet My Dad

  1. Thanks!!! i totally couldn’t make it without printables – guess i should comment more so bloggers know they are appreciated!

  2. I can’t seem to find the 2012 edition of Meet My Dad wit the tie. Is it just me? I was able to print the Meet my Dad top pop and both granddad editions.

  3. Thanks for the Dad printable. I found a Mom one I did for mother’s day and am glad to have a dad one too. 🙂

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