Free BOO Signage Printables

Do your friends and neighbors BOO one another during the month of October? You know where you sneak around and tag someone by leaving a treat on their doorstep? Then, they turn around and tag two others, and it spreads throughout the ‘hood until Halloween. My sister mentioned that she’d like to have a BOO sign printable, so I whipped up a couple.

I did two versions, a cutesy one and a spooky one. Each one has a BOO sign and a matching sheet with instructions.

Here’s the cutesy one.

And here’s the spooky one.

The spooky one is more my style.  I printed it out on some white paper that I dyed with tea. This was the first time I’d tried tea-dying paper. I just smeared a wet tea bag on the page, let dry and pressed flat under a book so it would still run through the printer. I liked the look of the sign as a square so I trimmed the bottom off at 8.5″ and hung it by some black ribbon I had on hand. Here’s how it turned out!

Like what you see? You can download them below! Happy haunting!

spooky boo signage

cutesy boo signage

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