Friday Night Lights Football Birthday Party

Today, I’m sharing details from my son’s 9th birthday party. He wanted to have a few close friends over for a football party. I found there were lots of football party ideas out there, but most of them were for a much younger age group–very cute but also a bit too cutesy for this bunch. We decided to go in another direction and make this party a little older and a little tougher.

Guest received game tickets for the Friday Night HS Game of the Week and were invited to wear their favorite team jersey and participate in a combine skills challenge we set up for them.

Each kiddo got a clipboard to record their scores.

If they wanted, they could weigh in and measure their height to help them compare their skills to the top high school players in the country.

They each got two chances at the 40 yard dash, vertical jump, kneeling power toss and 20 yard shuttle. Most of the sisters in attendance wanted in on the fun too!

We had some good little athletes on our hands! When they were ready to eat, the girls wanted to man the concession stand booster club-style.

We gave the guests tickets to redeem for food.

There were hotdogs, popcorn, cotton candy, suckers and three different kinds of drinks

to choose from.

I pulled this display off the wall in my office and replaced my invitation samples with chips!

Inside, the high school football spirit continued with some more fun “Booster Club” elements and marching band versions of

old favorites and popular hit songs.

The kitchen island was decked out like a football field complete with player silhouettes

and uprights…

and a blimp overhead for aerial coverage. C’mon. Funny.

At the time, my daughter was enjoying her first season of Cheerleading and was REALLY feeling it. I scored these megaphone crafts at Michael’s and made my own inserts that said, “Win or Lose, Cheer the Loudest!” for them to slip out and color while the boys acted like wild animals in the back yard.

As parting gifts, everyone got to choose a Titanium sports necklace.

Three cheers for No. 9!

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  1. Thanks! We attached drinking straws to the silhouettes and slipped them onto cardboard bases with a single nail driven through the underside and protruding from underneath the tablecloth.

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