Grow Some Grass

I love you Spring. You are my fave time of year {save for my outrageous seasonal allergies}. That’s alright though. I love you anyway! Don’t tell Fall.

I think there’s nothing perkier than a little touch of green to get you in the mood for Spring. Case in point:

Doesn’t this image make you want to do a cartwheel? It’s one of my all-time fave customer images. I suggested it. She tried it with stunning results and then taught me how to do it myself!

If you’ve never tried your hand at growing your own wheat grass instead of paying $20 for a flat at your local nursery, I highly encourage you to give it a whirl this year. It’s perfect for Easter, for baby showers and bridal teas this time of year. Around here you can get a large solo cup full of wheat grass seeds for $2. All you need is some seeds, a container, some dirt and water. Start about 7-10 days out since you have to soak the seeds for a time first. There are all sorts of directions online for growing decorative wheat grass. It’s super simple.

Last year for Easter I gave our teachers these:

I bought lined baskets and cute, inexpensive bunny figurines, grew the wheat grass, nestled the bunnies in and added a bright Eastery plaid bow to each basket handle. Note: there will be a fretful moment when you think your grass won’t be ready in time, but it grows and fills in AMAZINGLY quick! Just make sure you keep it moist. It’s a sweet gift for teachers or hostesses and for $10 each (less if you’re a real bargain shopper), you can’t beat it.

Happy Spring!

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