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Today I’m sharing photos from my daughter’s 6th birthday party. She started taking gymnastics lessons last year. That coupled with her love for American Girl, McKenna, and her involvement with the sport was all the excuse we needed to choose the theme for her 6th birthday celebration. Here’s a look at the invitation I created. We had already decided to go with gymnastics in the Fall, when a dear friend came to me looking for an invitation for her son and daughter’s joint gymnastics party. I was super pumped to have this mostly done given that I had to pounce on party planning immediately after the holidays were over. Seriously. Like December 26th. I tweaked the design just a bit for our use, changing the appearance of the gymnast to look like our birthday girl, the colors and hand embellishing the invitations with glitter.

I love the look the glitter gave the invitations, but my favorite part–and possibly my favorite regrets line of all time–was this.

C’mon. Funny.

The party was at our gymnastics gym, and with a party booked just before ours, we had to keep our time constraints in mind when planning the decorations.We set up the party in the viewing gallery while the birthday girl and her kindergarten friends tested their balance and skills on the gym floor.

This next one is my favorite pic. Captures my girl perfectly! Plus, I stick out my tongue when I’m concentrating. It’s genetic. For real.

When they finished tumbling, all the girls got to take the medal stand for a photo opp.

Then upstairs for snacks and cake!

We served forward and backward rolls with ham and turkey and pretzel twists (drizzled with cookie icing and sprinkles–a surprise hit) among other things.

Each place was set with a homemade scrunchi napkin ring, because it made me laugh and gymnastics is sort of the final frontier of the scrunchi.

Those and 27 of those snap-shut barrettes to hold stray hairs in place. Am I right? Anyhoo, I had joked beforehand that the girls probably wouldn’t even know what the scrunchies were. Well, what do you think they did? Yep. They went straight from napkin ring to hair accessory.

Here I am above applying said scrunchi to birthday girl’s hair.

Each girl also had a cup featuring one of five glittered gymnasts and a framed printable take-home that said, “She believed she could do it, so she did.” An excellent lesson for us all. It seemed like a good seed to plant at this age where the possibilities seem so endless. The other day my daughter told me she was going to be a singing star, and then when she’s 19 she’d retire and babysit.

Seating choices went down like this: 1) proximity to birthday girl, 2) color of scrunchi, 3) similarity of the likeness on the cup to guest and 4) color of mat on frame (purple, lime or teal blue). It’s life or death color decision time y’all.

Then it was time for cake, which was honestly some of the best I’ve ever had, and made to coordinate with our invitation. Next time I will inflate my guest estimate so we can enjoy more leftovers!

She did not reveal her wish, but I bet it had something to do with a perfect cartwheel.

The girls and their parents ate, visited and jammed to some of the birthday girl’s favorite girl power anthems. When it was time to leave they also got a CD to enjoy at home. It was packaged in a hinged soft plastic case and hung from a ribbon so they could wear it like a medal. We’re all winners here!

Happy 6th to my sweet, spirited baby girl!

Photography by Kirk Giessinger

Party Styling and Paper Goods by Pink Peppermint Parties

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  1. I’ve helped you with a lot of parties, and I wasn’t there for this one, but IT’S A WINNER!!!

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