Halloween Fun

Thought I’d share some inspiration for Halloween this year. I think I shared these, but maybe not on the blog so here goes. First up was a sweet and simple kid’s party craft found here. I was in charge of a craft for my son’s classroom “harvest” party last year. We made these with 4- and 5-year olds, but I really think it works for anywhere from age 2 and up.

Aren’t they cute?

Then, I decided to try carving personalized pumpkins for the kiddos. Here’s how they turned out!

Want to make your own templates? Download a happy face pumpkin name stencil or a  creepy face pumpkin name stencil here.

You can use a pencil to draw your own kiddo’s name into the smile. Just make sure you don’t transfer the lines that attach the letters to the smile. Here’s what my template looked like.

I’m attempting some this weekend for my sister’s kids using reusable craft pumpkins. Wish me luck!

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