Happy Angry Birds Day to You!

Another year has flown past and my first born is now six! This year was a big deal for us. We’ve always had birthday celebrations at home, but the birthday boy requested we have his party at a local bouncy house place, and after the pressure from last year of styling the party compounded with getting the house in order for entertaining, I readily gave in. I am used to having days (if I want or need) to hang things and play around with placement of party decor, but this year I’d have only 30 minutes. While I was making the decorations, I just kept repeating it to myself. 30 minutes. 30 minutes.

He wanted an Angry Birds party like his cousin had. Since there is not much available in the way of licensed partyware, I knew we’d be making a lot of it ourselves. I think this is what helped to make the party seem special and one-of-a-kind even though we were going the whole party package route. Here’s the invitation we used. You may know that I’m a sucker for a clever verse. This may be one of my favorites!

“Just who are these birds and why are they sore?

‘Cause those pigs stole their eggs! It’s happened before.

Revenge is a dish best served cold.

Come celebrate! Reese is turning six years old!”

The entry to the bouncy place is a little hard to pick out, so we marked the doorway with these mylar balloons, AB-style. I thought these might hold up better outside than the standard latex ones.

There are two party rooms and two gift tables, so we made sure everyone knew where to go with these Angry Birds balloons I made using these downloadable templates from The Party Animal.

The balloons were weighted with a nest full of golden eggs being guarded by the blue Angry Bird.

I made this sign for the party room with a small poster I scored at Dollar Tree.

We used bright Angry Birds colors for the paper plates chargers, napkins and drinks. The food went on smaller clear plates to let the birds’ and pig faces show through.

Polka dot napkins were done up Angry Birds-style with googly eyes, furrowed brows, and even a few pig noses.

Here’s the birthday boy’s special seat with a crown like the pig king’s.

At each place there was also a pair of Angry Bird or Pig glasses.

These turned out hilarious. The kids thought so too!

The party was mid-afternoon so we kept the food light, serving chicken nuggets, fruit skewers and these grody giant gummy fried eggs, the surprise hit of the party!

The fruit was skewered on these funny little guys.

They look more menacing in numbers, no?

Here’s our “Happy Angry Birdsday” banner above the main table.

The party table was set up with scenes from the game.

Here’s the awesome cake made by Kristen of Crumb Gourmet in Jackson.

There’s my big boy making his birthday wish. We found him a shirt with the black Angry Bird on it that said, “I’m the bomb!” Hehe. Angry Birds humor.

These were the other surprise hit of the day–WalMart bouncy balls that I drew Angry Birds faces on. We turned them loose in the jump area with these, and the kids were all over them!

We had an assortment of favors in these Angry Birds bags, which were also made with The Party Animal’s templates and printed on labels for easy application.

Each had some combination of the following favors included candy tubes filled with gumballs or mini gumball Angry Bird eggs, water bomb slingshots, wind-up toucans, stickers and golden egg silly putty. They also each got to take home their pair of bird of pig glasses.

Happy Angry Birdsday to my favorite 6-year-old!

If you like what you see here, check out this summertime Angry Birds Splash Party!

86 thoughts on “Happy Angry Birds Day to You!

  1. obrigado pela dicas, aqui no brasil temos muitos produtos do tema! mas com o orçamento curto vou fazer muita coisa artesanal! meus gemeos adoram esses passarinhos e adorei suas sugestoes,,,,

  2. Love all your ideas and will be using several of them for my son’s b-day in August. Curious where your sister got the angry bird invitations. Did she make them or order them?

  3. Woman after my own heart! Great ideas here. Best of all, I LOVE how you take the time to answer everyone’s questions. If only more people could be like this… Thanks for the help!

  4. i love this! you just made my life super easy and my nephew is gonna have a blast at his party!

  5. Thanks Celi. The bouncy balls were small–about 8-9 inches. I drew the faces on them with paint pens, using the templates from The Party Animal.

  6. I really like the bouncy balls. What size was the WalMart bouncy balls and with what did you drew Angry Birds faces on, I would really want to try it? thanks

  7. Thanks, Leslie! You can download the “feast of flesh” font for free online. Then print the letters out LARGE in word (two to a letter page) on card stock and trim them out. Then string each letter and make paper plate versions of the angry birds and pigs to hold the string.

  8. Nice job.. im trying to get a banner but i cant find one and i saw yours and i fell inlove with it where do i go to get one like that or how do i make it??

  9. Hi Holly,

    Google “Feast of Flesh free download” to find the font. I just tested different sizes until I found one large enough to match that on the poster, then printed on card stock and trimmed with scissors leaving some white around the edges. Hope this helps!

  10. Great party! I was wondering where you bought the giant fried egg gummy and what brand. Saw these at amazon but not sure which brand is good and contemplating about their sizes. Any suggestion? Thanks!

  11. Thanks Carla! The actual glasses part came from Oriental Trading. I just removed the Groucho noses and added chicken beaks and pig noses. The beaks were a little pricier than I’d have liked at Party City, but they were the most AB authentic. The pig noses were ordered online, and I used white card stock and a paper punch for the eyes and stiff black felt for the eyebrows.

  12. Everything is absolutely perfect!! Where or how did you make the glasses? Where did you find the supplies to make them? Thank you for all this inspiration.

  13. What a neat party! My son is having an AB party next month and I’d love to make those skewers. Where did you get the little balls to make the birds on the ends and what are they called? I’ve tried searching, but I don’t even know what to search for! Thanks!

  14. Hello!!!
    Awesome party. I am throwing one in July. Having a really hard time with favors. LOVED the bubble gum tubes. I contacted that person on ETSY. Where did you get the stickers for the end of the tubes?
    Thank you!

  15. Thanks Melanie! I can’t distribute anything with a licensed character, but it’s essentially a 4×6 card, printed two to a sheet, trimmed in half, scored and folded. Sorry I can’t be of more help!

  16. Hi Laurie,

    If I’m understanding you correctly, you are outlining the font in black and printing on colored paper? Is that right? I printed mine on white paper, so that may be the difference. Usually in any program like that, white is just the absence of color to let the paper color show through since there’s no such thing as white ink. Hope this helps! Good luck!

  17. Hi! I’m making my own invites for my son’s birthday as well. I have the same font, but cannot figure out how to set the text color outlined in another color like you did. I check the outline box and that changes the outline color–however, the text becomes clear so the background shows through which is not very useful for an invitation to read 🙂 Is there something I’m missing??
    I’m doing this in MS Publisher, but I tried to do it in Word as well and still could not figure it out.
    Thanks in advance!!

  18. Hi Gina! That shirt came from JC Penney! I’m not sure of the size. It’s a bit long I remember, but I held it up to my boy and decided it would work. I think it may have been in the older boy’s section. This was probably back in July or August of 2011. Hope this helps!

  19. hi there. just wondering where you got the angry birds i’m the bomb tee from? i can’t seem to see that design for age 5? what size did you get for your 6 year old? thanks.

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