Heroes and Villains, Part One

I am on the road, so Lauren graciously offered to tell you about Reese’s Heroes and Villains party last weekend.

What a weekend for our supermom and party-planning hero, Eleanor. For months she has soared over everyday ideas and leapt past licensed superheroes to create a fifth birthday celebration for her son that was truly out of this world. It all began here with the design, development and distribution of these one-of-a-kind invitations announcing the theme—Heroes AND Villains. KA-BOOM! What a fabulous idea. I mean, let’s face it what five-year-old doesn’t want to see what it’s like to flip their cape every once and a while. Brilliant! So with a theme in place, a date set and a super boy to please, our mom of mystery set out to execute no ordinary party. Did she succeed? Tune in next post to find out.

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