Heroes and Villains, The Final Chapter

We return for the final installment of our story to find our super friends eyeing the fantastic candy buffet.

A stroke of creative brilliance by no other than, you guessed it, supermom. Super candy with an element of danger and complete with superhero toothbrushes? Seriously, it doesn’t get much cuter than this.

Except for maybe this. Cityscape cake wrappers with hero and villain cake toppers. Complete with flying capes!! How did supermom make this work? Let’s just say, there is nothing Eleanor can’t make happen in her lab. A little fabric stiffener, a cup, a rubber band and BOOM! Perfection.

And yes, these cupcakes were as good as they looked thanks to Kristen of Crumb Gourmet. Check her out even if you are not local to the Jackson area. She also does cookies, and she ships!

There was even one specially designed for the birthday boy and placed on his own mini version of the industrial cupcake stand.

As this super day began to come to a close, guests were asked to fill their bags with goodies from the candy bar. They also grabbed a beginning reader comic book favor. Hero and villain options available, of course.

Truly, no ordinary day indeed. Bravo supermom and Happy 5th Birthday to our hero, Reese.

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Tables and balloons

Decorations and food


12 thoughts on “Heroes and Villains, The Final Chapter

  1. Thanks Maryam! After exhausting other failed options, I used Liquid Nails well in advance and let it air out for several days before the kids played. I also cut flaps instead of full holes (leaving the flap attached at the bottom and folding each flap down onto the adjoining box floor, then secured it with packing tape. If you’d like to avoid the chemicals (and who would blame you), do an online search for “Mr. McGroovy’s Box Rivets”. I’ve never used them, but the concept is indeed groovy. Wish I’d known about them at the time. Good luck!

  2. Amazing job!! We want to re-create the Box City! How did you attach each box together so that they were secure??
    thank you!!!

  3. I love it! Where can I find the cupcakes wrappers and toppers? Also, the scum busters? I have been searching for weeks! Please help! thanks

  4. You’ve outdone yourself this time! Those cupcake toppers are the coolest thing EVER.

  5. Mother of the Year!! This whole party looked perfect. I can’t wait for my little super hero to be old enough for this theme. Great job!! 🙂

  6. OH MY GOSH! I cannot believe that I already have Ross’s birthday planned! Thanks Eleanor! HA! I absolutely LOVE this whole idea!!!!! You are the queen!

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