Khaki and Green First Communion Celebration

We recently celebrated my oldest’s First Communion with family and friends. It has been on my radar since the beginning of the school year, and honestly not having been through it before I was a little apprehensive about planning for it. To say that getting dressed up and sitting demurely in front of an audience would not be on my eight-year-old boy’s Top 10 list of favorite things would be an understatement.

I went on a covert shopping mission. You know the kind where you flit in, buy anything +/- his size that might conceivably work and take it home so you can battle in private over the “pretty clothes.” Well I found the cutest little khaki summer suit at J. Crew and a little pale green tie with blue polka dots among several other options, including seersucker and madras, and really dreaded even showing them to him. To my great relief, he was as giddy and excited about that suit as I’ve ever seen him (except for that one time an hour outside of Orlando when we disclosed we were going to Walt Disney World). So with his attire for the big day selected and being devoid of any desire to do white and baby blue anything (he’s eight and six months after all, not six months), I forged ahead–carrying the khaki and green color scheme throughout. Here’s a look at the custom invitation I created.

First Communion Invitation

Despite the threat of severe weather, the rain held off and we had a beautiful day of celebration at the First Communion Mass and afterward at our home. I found these amazing bent willow twig crosses, and my very talented friend and next-door neighbor, Gina of Sparkling Like a Diamond, added a special touch with some live roses, snapdragons and greenery for our double doors out front.

Communion or Baptism Door Decoration

First Communion Decorations for the entry

On the entry table was this rustic church bird house we got years ago as a wedding gift.

I decorated the tables with rolls of inexpensive kraft-colored wrapping paper and thick green ribbon. I found this over-sized decorative rosary at a local outlet and used it on the main dining table.

First Communion Dining Table

We used a few decorative items that belonged to my husband’s grandmothers and set them off with some cutwork linens–my great grandmother’s I believe.

I fashioned this double-sided wreath from two separate moss door decorations that my partner Lauren had used for her three sons’ baptisms, attaching it to a wooden stand and adding a thick white ribbon.

Moss Cross Centerpiece

Since we were coming straight from Mass, Lauren picked up some yummy pasta dishes from one of our favorite Italian restaurants as well as chicken fingers, my boy’s favorite! I printed this blessing and slipped it into this chalkboard frame that I’d been waiting for the opportunity to use.

I folded these cute little dress shirts and ties from paper and used them as menu cards.

Folded Paper Menu Card Holders for First Communion

The kids got Sprites with stripey straws, and the adults were served tea, wine or beer.

I made these little tags to help folks tell whose glass was whose.

paper wine tags

While we were celebrating a serious occasion, I tried to be conscious of the fact that this party was for an eight-year-old. I wanted to keep the mood light and fun. I thought a jar of gumballs in our party colors fit the bill.

We ate, drank and enjoyed the company of friends and family who were in town for the big day. I even let Reese cut the cake.

first communion cake

When it was time to call it a night (after all we had school the next day) we sent guests home with a little something.


I ordered these sweet little seeded paper crosses to give to the kids. Just add water!

Congratulations to my sweet boy Reese on his big day!

Invitations, Tags and Party Styling by

Cake by Scarlett Vineyard

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5 thoughts on “Khaki and Green First Communion Celebration

  1. Thanks Jen! I actually “designed” that and cut it with my Silhouette-type cutter. I feel like surely there must be something similar in the scrapbook department. Best of luck!

  2. Hi! I loved your First Communion Celebration & am going to use your blog as my inspiration for my son’s! I was wondering where you found your punch for your invitations? I was hoping to make my own to save money!! Thanks so much for taking the time to share! XOXO, jen

  3. Oh my! I love everything! Reese looks so nice in his suit and tie. Love the khaki and green for the theme. The Sprites were such a good idea. The chalkboard messages were perfect. Love, love the seeded crosses…may need your source for the future.

    Thanks for the shout-out! It is nice to see what everything else looked like. You are very creative.

  4. Absolutely beautiful and unique! I especially love that the cake isn’t the typical baptism/First Communion cake.

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