Last Day of School Printable Photo Signs

OK, so I totally (and I mean TOTALLY) forgot I’d done these for the first day of school. A kind soul reminded me, and so I wanted to go ahead and post for you since our last day is this Friday. Sigh. These are just like the First Day signs – Pre-school through 12th grade with a few generic use ones thrown in. Links to download are included at the bottom of this post.

Also available are these “Seniors Class of 20__” signs for K-12. I took a picture of my son and several of the first graders in the neighborhood on the first day, and I’m hoping to catch them for another photo on the last day too!

2012-2013 School Year

  • Kindergarten – Class of 2025
  • 1st Grade – Class of 2024
  • 2nd Grade – Class of 2023
  • 3rd Grade – Class of 2022
  • 4th Grade – Class of 2021
  • 5th Grade – Class of 2020
  • 6th Grade – Class of 2019
  • 7th Grade – Class of 2018
  • 8th Grade – Class of 2017
  • 9th Grade – Class of 2016
  • 10th Grade – Class of 2015
  • 11th Grade – Class of 2014
  • 12th Grade – Class of 2013

See. I even did the math for you! Enjoy and have a great summer!

Download Last Day of School Picture Signage here.

Download Seniors Signage here.

3 thoughts on “Last Day of School Printable Photo Signs

  1. Help! I can’t print first day of 11th grade. All I can get are 6th grade Prek and Kindergarten. Can you please email me the 11th grade one?

  2. Thank you SO much!!! Perfect timing for tomorrow morning and I love that they will match so I can do a side by side comparison!!!

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