Neighborhood Halloween Bash

Can you believe Halloween is already upon us? Seriously. I don’t know where 2010 has gone. How could it be time already for my sister’s 4th Annual Neighborhood Halloween Party? She touched base with me several weeks back, and we used this Trick-or-Treaters invitation.

Little did I know at the time that I’d get to attend this year! I live outside of Jackson, Mississippi and my sister, Amanda, is waaaaaaaaay up north outside of Boston. Seems even more waaaaaaaay after air travel with two kiddos, but our Mother came too, and we had a great time!

They have a season there called “Fall.” Just the quaint sort of thing you’d expect from a small New England town. It was breezy and in low 60s. Sweet! {Please note that as I write this, now back at home it’s going to be 88 degrees. The Reese’s cup I just stole from my Halloween pantry stash was melted in the middle.}

You can imagine after three years of Halloween parties, that one would have amassed quite an assortment of spooky fun. Amanda had the house all decked out with ghoulish delights. Touches of Halloween were everywhere. This was one of the first things my five year old spotted.

This was the second. How fun!

And I was in love with the jack-o-lantern chandelier shades. Awesome.

We got to work stretching cobwebs over anything that would stay still and on planning the menu.

We made Bleeding Heart Brie, a delish dip with brie cheese and cherry preserves baked inside a crescent roll crust.

Also served were these adorable Crunchy Mummies made with celery, cream cheese mix and ham, and some adorable mummies on a stick–hotdogs wrapped in dough to look like mummies with mustard and ketchup eyes.

Amanda also served an assortment of dips including a yummy Cajun corn dip. Soooo good!

Amanda filled her cauldron punch bowl with Brew Ha Ha punch, complete with eyeballs and for the adults, there were soft drinks and Blood Orange Sangria!

It’s no wonder everyone asks for directions to the bathroom! Just follow the bloody footsteps!

And what Halloween party is complete without sweets?

There were witch hat cookies, ghosts in the graveyard–a tasty pudding dish decorated with ghost Peeps–brownies, candy, and a fantastic three-tier cake!

Lots of the neighbors brought goodies. One even whipped up this awesomely spooky candy house. How fab is that?

The kids had a blast in their costumes eating and playing in the Pirate-themed bouncy house. The neighbors had a chance to socialize while the kids were otherwise engaged, and enjoyed a sunny, but blustery Fall day. Amanda had just the right mix of spooky and fun.

Horror highlight of the party? Power goes out 30 minutes before the start time. Three dozen raw wieners on a stick and one deflated bouncy. We thought the bouncy had blown the whole house. Turns out it was the neighborhood, and power was restored a few minutes into the party. Good thing it was during daylight hours! Great job A on another fab year of Halloween fun!

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