New Back To School Photo Signage

It’s that time of year already. This has to have been the shortest summer break on record. Alas, my kiddos go back tomorrow, and I know of a few friends who beat us to it the last two days.

Here are this year’s updated signs for your photo taking needs. There are First Day/Last Day signs–both the original and a white background version which uses less ink. Everything before 6th grade has the apple design, and everything after is just text or has a no. 2 pencil design. I mean, they’re going to give you the stink eye anyway, but maybe if you swear not to post it in a public forum, you’ll at least get the pic, right? The links to download are above each sample picture below.

There are also updated Seniors Class of … for each class grade K-12–Class of 2028 through 2016. Sigh. Here’s a cheat sheet for you.

2015-2016 School Year

  • Kindergarten – Class of 2028
  • 1st Grade – Class of 2027
  • 2nd Grade – Class of 2026
  • 3rd Grade – Class of 2025
  • 4th Grade – Class of 2024
  • 5th Grade – Class of 2023
  • 6th Grade – Class of 2022
  • 7th Grade – Class of 2021
  • 8th Grade – Class of 2020
  • 9th Grade – Class of 2019
  • 10th Grade – Class of 2018
  • 11th Grade – Class of 2017
  • 12th Grade – Class of 2016

Back To School Photo Signs

first day last day picture signage sample

Ink Miser (White) Back to School Signs

BTS Photo Signage from PinkPeppermintPaper, the blog

Seniors Class of 20–

Seniors Class of 2028Enjoy! Happy picture taking and I hope everyone has a fab school year!

One thought on “New Back To School Photo Signage

  1. Love these signs! Is it possible to include the Senior Sign for the Preschool classes (i.e. Class of 2029 and 2030)? Thanks so much!

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