No Ordinary Day

I would love to tell you that we’ve been up in arms around here. Racking our adult (and almost five-year-old) noggins trying to figure out what direction to go for Reese’s 5th birthday party. Sleepless with the possibilities. Nope.

My boy decided approximately 45 weeks ago what he wanted. That’s three whole weeks after his last party–the illustrious garbage party. And when he started talking birthday again so soon, I could have wept. It started out at a cutie pie Halloween birthday party we attended, and he decided it would be super if kids wore costumes to his next party. Then, he got “blue Batman” party stuck in his head. He does love The Batman, but he likes the other guys too. The muscles. The cool gadgets and extraordinary powers. It’s just too much testosterone to resist. Heck, my two-year-old daughter is even into all the characters. I have GOT to get that girl into some ballet classes.

Now, I confess that, when it comes to me and licensed characters, the thrill is gone. There’s usually so MUCH of it, and I have an invitation business. How am I supposed to work with that? So I started working my angle. Slowly. Methodically {rubs hands together in evil fashion}. Wriggling free of the shackles of the branded hero. Trying to think of something that would make an everyday, overdone superhero party, well…super. One Super Day, coming up!

I thought it might be fun to do a Homemade Heroes party. One where you come dressed as a superhero using stuff from around the house. You know, a pillowcase cape, dishwashing gloves, rain boots, scuba mask. You get the idea. Then I thought maybe a lecture-style superhero training course would be fun too. One with an obstacle course to help you hone your inner hero skills. And not actual lecturing. Mine get enough of that on your average day. I think either of these could be totally cute and different!

The route I ultimately sold my boy on was a Heroes and Villains party. Honestly, how often do you see the bad guys represented here? We have a reversible Spidey/Black Spidey costume and he LOVES to swap back and forth between good and bad. Now that I think of it, he does that in real life too! So, Heroes and Villains it is. We are going to mix the color scheme up a bit with the traditional super colors, and we’ll be using some purple, black and lime green for all those villains out there. We may have a room full of heroes on party day, but you can always count on Mom and Dad to be the bad guys, right?

So…hot off the presses, here’s the invitation I designed for Reese’s Super 5th Birthday! I’d love to hear your thoughts.

11 thoughts on “No Ordinary Day

  1. Just thinking that I am THE luckiest mom in the world that my son is one year younger than Reese and birthday is two month’s after Reese’s…. NEVER again do I have to plan a party. Just enlist you each year to “Redo” whatever amazing idea you came up with for Reese and make it Thompson’s:)

  2. This is just as cute as last years birthday party. Reese and Caroline are lucky to have such a great and creative mommy. Great job!

  3. OMG! Love it! I already told Ross about your idea for Reese’s party, and he said “I want that too!” So I am with Letitia…send it all my way in January! Ha!

  4. Just pack all those party goodies up and send them to my house when you are done. This theme is right up Kirk’s alley. Imitation is the highest form of flattery. 🙂 Love it! Can’t wait to hear/see more.

  5. LOVE IT! It’s very creative for the parents and the kids, and one of the best things being you can make an entire costume with things around the house – no expense (especially in this economy!). Awesome!

  6. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the “cape at the cleaners?” regret and sibling sidekicks lines!

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