Party Scores a Hole-in-One!

A few months back, I had a customer come to me with an idea for her son’s first birthday party. Golf! I confess that, having no golf enthusiasts in my family, I was a little thrown at first. But soon, Amaris and I both got swept up in the fun ideas, the bright colors and a hint at warmer weather in the bleak winter months. I just couldn’t wait to see how it all turned out, and I’m here to tell you, this mama did NOT disappoint. Prepare to have your argyle socks knocked off as you enjoy Amaris’ account of Bradley’s Hole-in-One First Birthday!


The Course

I chose the red and yellow theme with lime accents. I wanted bright colors in the dreary winter…and most of the accessories and golf favors I found were in primary colors.  Here’s our invitation, which we mailed in a matching yellow envelope.

Hole-In-One Party Invtation

The Rough

I grew wheat grass as the centerpieces for each table and as an accent for the cake. I purchased the seeds at the local organic grocery store.  I started about seven days before the party–soaking the seeds overnight and then placing them in wet paper towels overnight before planting.  I had several round glass bowl vases, which I filled with sand and topped off with about an inch of potting soil. The wheat grass seeds can actually go directly on top of the soil.  The seeds germinate quickly, and it is amazing how fast the grass grows!

Pin and Cup Golf Centerpieces

The cake was amazing!  I loved the whimsical “topsy-turvy” golf flags! To make the cake display, I purchased an 18″ round plastic tray from the party store and covered the tray with about an inch of potting soil.  I put a small bowl in the center of the tray to reserve space for a clear glass cake stand to hold the cake.  (my cake stand measured 11″ in diameter and the cake was 10″)

Hole-in-One Cake

and here is the matching smash cake…

Smash Cake

I tried to carry out the “one” theme and use circles when possible, like on the stickers and favor tags. I made a Happy Birthday banner out of red felt to resemble a string of golf flags, which hung behind the cake table.  I also found yellow hand clappers, or, golf claps as I like to call them.

Pin & Cup Golf Centerpieces

Playing A Round

To entertain all of our golfers, I had several activities throughout the room.  Guests were greeted with their party favor, a set of toy golf clubs and golf balls to use during the party and take home.  I chose from several favor tag design options and went with the one with a curvy golf flag to mimic those on the cake.

Favor Tags Close up

Our “sand trap” was created out of a huge galvanized tub which was filled with several bags of playground sand and plastic golf balls.  I placed the tub on artificial turf cut to look like a golf green.
Sand Trap

The kids loved playing in the sand!

Sand Trap Play

I found a Par 3 Mini Golf Course made by Step 2 toys, which was fun! It was a great interactive toy for parents and kids. The older kids especially enjoyed it, and I even saw a few daddies testing out their putting skills, too!

Par 3 Party Game

Here’s our birthday boy trying out his skills.

Puttin' around

I also borrowed my nephew Jack’s golf cart rocker.  It was the perfect photo-op for parents and the kids loved taking turns going for a “ride.”

Golf Cart Rocker

Par-tee Eats and Treats

We served typical golf course style food–mini hot dogs, chips and rotel dip, mac and cheese and fruit.  At the last minute, I found some straw sipper cups online which were on mega clearance from Christmas and just so happened to be red and lime green with coloring page inserts.  I had tons of felt left over from making the golf flags and birthday banner, so I got creative and cut felt inserts with each guest’s first initial to personalize each cup.  They were perfect!

Personalized Sippers

We also had stickers to give out that said, “I played a round at Bradley’s 1st Birthday!”

Golf Sticker

I must admit, with all the excitement, I totally forgot to give out the precious stickers at the party.  Booo mama.  However, I did put stickers in each thank you note, which, I think worked well, too! Here are our thank you notes.

Golf Folding Thank You

I loved the Hole-in-One Par-tee theme!  Most importantly, the design work that Pink Peppermint Paper did truly set the tone for the party and made it extra special.  I really enjoyed that I was able to be so involved with the designs and incorporate my ideas.

The Whole Fam

Thanks for sharing Amaris! What an amazing job and a big day with their little boy! Happy 1st Birthday Bradley!

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  1. Hi Heather,

    I wish I knew, but it’s been several years. I know that KidKraft makes one, but they appear to be out of stock most everywhere.

  2. Hi! I was wondering where they bought the rocker for your nephew? I’ve looked everywhere for one for my son and can’t find one.

  3. I found this entry when I googled golf theme kid parties. We are doing a golf theme for my son who will be one in December. I would LOVE to know where the golf rocker came from!! please send me an email if you can find out. I have been looking for that one for a couple of months now.


  4. Olá !!! Também sou membro da CPN !!! Parabéns pela linda festa !!! Ficou alegre e diferente. Virei sua seguidora. Desculpe pelo ingles…beijos.

    Hello! I am also a member of the CPN! Congratulations on your wonderful party! It was lively and different. Turned his follower. Sorry for the english … kisses.

  5. I love it, love it, love it….everything is absolutely adorable! We are going to keep this theme in mind for one of our upcoming parties. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Wasn’t it a cute idea? The cups are from Oriental Trading. She took out the coloring paper they came with and inserted the felt with initial cutouts for each guest.

  7. Love the idea! I love when moms go out of the box for birthday parties! By the way, where did you get those great looking sippy cups?

  8. this is such a cute birthday party idea and adorable decorations, cake, games to go with it!!

  9. Bradley has so Much more to come from His parents they both are so creative n such wonderful loving parents he will grow up with so Many wonderful memeories N such love – he will grown n prosper to be a well rounded young Man that his parents will be so so proud of him–Love you amaris , chris N Bll

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