Practice Makes Perfect

I have the unfortunate character flaw of believing that I can do anything. OK. Not anything. Mostly making stuff. I regularly find things for purchase, balk at the price and think to myself (or aloud) “I could TOTALLY do that myself.” and I give it a try. Or I can’t find what I’m looking for anywhere and decide to just make whatever I have need of as was the case with this shower curtain for my guest bathroom.

The list goes on.

Curtains for my son’s room – weird length with super strength to block out the light and heat of a thousand suns streaming in from an oversized window.

Artwork for my son’s room – refusal to pay $30+ a piece for artwork that he’d be over in two years.

Dust ruffle, curtains and paint job in my daughter’s room – meager attempt to repurpose unisex nursery bedding for a girl because I swore to my husband when we overpaid for it that I would use it again for future babies. Drat!

And now that I really think about it, that’s kind of how I started my stationery business. Couldn’t find what I was looking for. Got fed up and decided to make it myself. I’ve pretty well got this stationery thing licked. I think. The problem with the rest is that I have the skills to get by, but much of this stuff requires practice, practice, practice. If I sewed or baked or decorated all the time, I might really start to get somewhere. Oh, if only there were more hours in the day. Sigh.

Other things I think I could be above average at if I did them more than once a year:

Cupcake decorating. Cakes scare me, but I’m itching to try–especially since we’ve now gone into party planning. And fondant. Burning desire to play around with that. I’m pretty sure I have a compulsive eating problem with sweets though, so while I’d love nothing more than to have spare cupcakes lying around my house all the time, I really can’t trust myself. Or would that be like some form of immersion therapy? Hmmm…haven’t looked at it that way before.

Photography. I so need to take a class. Had to have a fancier camera when our first was born–problem being I still use it like a point and click. See photos above. Case in point.

Sewing. I can thread a machine and sew a straight line, but it’s one of those things you just have to keep at to get really good. Plus, I have no problem with leaving an ugly stitch on something that won’t show. Plus, I need my mother to sit there watching me so we can work through the mental logistics of having everything match up, back up and line up as necessary.

Calligraphy. I took an after school enrichment class on this 24 years ago. I dust it off every now and then, but you have to get going again to have it flow without thinking.

I’d love to hear from you! What could you be really fabulous at doing if you only had more opportunities to practice, practice, practice?

4 thoughts on “Practice Makes Perfect

  1. I’d love to do more flower arranging, but not the boring, triangular things some florists do. I want to learn to get the oasis taped down “good”, then cut flowers and green things out of my yard to make huge 360 degree arrangements, like volunteers do at First U. Methodist in Decatur for every Sun. — but I don’t want to have to do it for a living or spend every Valentine’s, Mother’s Day, Christmas working non-stop.

  2. I think I would be great at running a business – I just don’t know what kind of business I want to run!!:) You totally inspire me!

  3. I’m impressed, even if you only kind of know what you’re doing! I’d like to think I’d be good at flower arranging, although I suspect it would not be the case!

  4. I remember taking that sewing class with you! You were really good. I’m the same way with stuff…I think “I could do that” and then spend waaaay more on buying supplies and instructional books all to stay up numerous frustrating nights throwing things and stomping my feet while I try to figure it out. (I am describing myself making Tate’s crib bedding).

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