Printable Labels for Holiday Food and Drink

What a crazy time of year this is! Headed to a few more parties or to a friend’s house for a little casual merry making? Don’t show empty-handed! Dress up a bottle of your fave vino with one of these fun printable holiday labels. There are six designs to chose from (three shown here). So slap one of these babies on a bottle of red. It’s guaranteed to please and much easier to look after than a bird in a tree.

Or do something different with a lovely bottle of white. I’m not a huge fan of a red wines myself. {Gasp.} I prefer the sweeter white wines like Rieslings, Gewürztraminers and Moscatos.

Mmmmm….it’s like Fruitcake in a Bottle. Only not. Because I love these whites. And fruitcake? Not so much.

Or if you really want to shake things up, maybe take a bottle of the bubbly. Hey, even sparkling juice can be festive!

Now, I would typically have printed these labels on a nice, glossy white full page label sheet and trimmed to size. However, in the aftermath of the Christmas card season (and in true “me” fashion) I got all ready to print and…no full page labels. The labels shown were actually printed on some Avery 5164 white shipping labels–the thick ones that cover up what’s underneath. I just trimmed off the rounded corners and literally slapped them on. They went on pretty easily without a lot of fuss. I will say if you go shopping for a few bottles to gift, you might consider label size or lack thereof as a selling point. Just sayin’.

If you’re going more personal and packin’ some tasty treats from your kitchen, we have a few printables for that too!

Confession time. In the interest of time and full disclosure, I borrowed the adorable bow for this photo from a box of Christmas goodies compliments of my sweet neighbor, Stephanie, over at the Moxie Maley blog. Check her out! There are three other food tag design printables available for download as well. Most of the fonts on the food tags are available for little or no price from one of my fave font foundries if you’re feeling crazy.

Wine Label Printables 1

Wine Label Printables 2

From The Kitchen Of Printables

Hope everyone enjoys a festive and safe holiday break! Many thanks to all of you who order, follow, comment and generally help keep this little slice of sanity going. Merry Christmas from Pink Peppermint Paper!

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  1. so cute! wish i had got it together to order cards from you but we have been remodeling kitchen and has been crazy around here!

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