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Our most recent soirée is proof positive that you can throw a sweet party without spending weeks on planning or execution. I pulled off the look of our daughter Caroline’s 2nd birthday in less than two hours at Hobby Lobby with both kids in tow. The dear girl’s birthday is December 27th, you see. I was later with my Christmas preparations than usual with all the holiday orders coming in and had thought up until the week prior that we would celebrate with some friends a few weeks after her actual birthday once school started back. But, we had family and friends already in town, and that coupled with my desire not to drag things out another few weeks made the decision easy. So this year, we celebrated her big day with an intimate Sunday brunch.

c flowers

I started playing with digital silhouettes back in the Spring of 2008. My mother had the beautiful hand cut ones done of my sister and I when we were young, and even today when I see them, I am compelled to stand and study them for a moment. This was my inspiration for our party invitations. I love the keepsake aspect of it, and what could be more feminine and classic?  I created this sweet little girl look with a pink and brown invitation featuring a silhouette of our birthday girl. I used a scalloped paper punch to create matching return address labels with her monogram.

invite and return address outside

Pink and brown fabrics were an inexpensive and impactful way to dress up our two dining tables. I used coordinating polka dot scrapbook paper as place mats and we dusted off our fine china. Hey, we have to use it some time! Am I right? We use paper mache presents wrapped in Parisian-themed paper and grosgrain ribbon for the center of the table.

table 2a

The kids ate from pink and brown nursery rhyme-themed toile and polka dot paper plates, and I used the same Parisian wrapping paper to make the party hats. I wasn’t sure about the four-year-old boys wearing pink party hats, but it turns out a party hat is a party hat, and they wanted in!

kids table 1

We had a fabulous spread of Cajun- and Creole-inspired dishes compliments of my fantastic husband. He not only planned the entire menu (he’s quite the foodie), but he and his wonderful mother, known as “Granny” around these parts, did literally all of the preparation and cooking. There was Shrimp Toast with Sweet Creole Tomato Sauce, Garlic Cheese Grit Souffle, Creme Broulee Lost Bread (a fantastic French toast dish), Baked Eggs with Crawfish and Mushrooms in Ham Baskets, muffins, pecan tarts and fresh fruit. The food was out of this world! I can say this because, as I said, I had no part in it. We had mimosas and coffee too because if you’re going to get yourself and your clan dressed and to our house at 9:30 on a weekend morning, then by golly, we’re going to make it worth your while!

Our cakes echoed the pink polka dot theme.

cake 1

candles close

I used the paper punch again to make special candles for her big wish!


The kids played, and Caroline opened some fantastic presents while we all recovered from too much good food.

c and r presents bday

Look at her big bro so dutifully standing by to help her tear them open!

caroline thank you

While our guests were here I took a few profile shots of them so that I could make their parting gifts. We said thanks with these folding thank you notes and what else but silhouette keepsakes?

Pink for the girls…

katie silhouette

and red for the boys…this is one my favorite. He’s just a rock star!

shep silhouette

What a great birthday brunch we had! Happy Birthday Sweet Caroline!

upside down

15 thoughts on “Profile: Little Girl’s Birthday Brunch

  1. Hi – I love your party theme! Where did you find the pink and brown fabrics, you say you used? I love the parisian paper, i am going to use this for a bridal shower, so appreciate any help

  2. Elisa,

    I just printed a round design on label paper and used a craft punch to create the floret shape. The hard part is getting the backing off once you’ve done that. I used a razor blade to separate the two. Good luck!

  3. can you tell me how you made the return address stickers? is there a template? they are so pretty!

  4. Jill,
    Thanks! The pink and brown toile napkins are from Hobby Lobby. They have plates, cups and quite a few other baby shower elements in that theme as well. Also in blue and brown I believe…

  5. Hi,

    This is adorable!!! Do you know where you got the toile brown and pink napkins? I am throwing a baby shower and those would be perfect for it!



  6. Thanks! You can use the Extract feature in Photoshop under Filters. Unfortunately, there is still a bit of clean up work along the edges to be done. Sometimes, depending on the photo the Magic Wand tool can be helpful too. Good luck!

  7. Love your party theme. How did you make the silhouettes? Is there a trick in Photoshop? I am planning my daughter’s first birthday and would love to copy your theme!

  8. My stomach is growling! That food sounds wonderful, and the decor was stunning. Great job, Super Mom! Did you know our fellow artistic pal in NYC also has done some silhouettes like these for adults? They look really cool and throwback-modern (if there is such an adjective). What’s your technique? How’d you make ’em?

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