Summer Camp Correspondence

I’m excited to have added several new designs to the store for your camper’s letter-writing needs. I had done a few postcard designs for a friend’s son a couple of years ago, and  I pretty much forgot about them until another friend asked me to design some options for her daughter. Then, I got wrapped up in all the preppy camper options and could go for days on that alone.

So I’ve got several girlie options. several more outdoorsy camp-themed ones and a couple that work well for boys or girls.  On a few of them I offer a custom color option, which I think could extend their use to suit your kiddo’s wishes.


Preppy Paddle Out Camp Postcard by

Happy Camper Postcard by

Preppy Purple Camp News

Preppy Camper Postcard by

Bullseye Archery Camp Postcard by Camp News Postcard by

Each postcard is printed on a 6×4 flat card with a designated area for writing, addressing and stamping printed on the back. You might even go ahead and address and stamp them to increase the likelihood that you’ll get an update from them in the mail. You know it’s true.

I still remember what a big deal going to summer camp was for me, and how awesome it was to hear my name called out when the counselors did mail call at the canteen! I may work on some fill-in-the-blank or check box options next. That’s about my kiddo’s speed–gets the job done with a minimum amount of writing effort. Ha.




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