Summertime Classroom Treats

It’s been a couple of years since I’ve had any of these to share due to school policies, but this year here I am with two! Score. Here are a couple of quick and inexpensive ideas to treat classmates with on the last day of school. First up, this useful scoop o’ candy.

I thought this was a cute and easy way to give something the kids would be excited about (the candy) as well as something they could use this summer (the scoop, shovel or sand sifter). What kid doesn’t love to dig? Put your candy in the scoop, insert the whole shebang into a small (approx 4×8″) cello bag, tie off with twist tie or rubberband, and add cute ribbon and tag. Voila!

I was pretty pleased with the way these came out. Days later,  I saw a similar picture on Pinterest, and now I don’t know which came first. Did Pinterest plant the seed in my subconscious or is there some other crafty momma on the same wave length? Who’s to say at this point?

I can def claim credit for this cute tag though. I was there. I saw me make it. It says, “It’s Summertime! Can you dig it?”

I can also claim credit for this tag I whipped up for the treats Lauren’s son handed out. Moon Dough!

It reads, “Summer’s here! I’m over the moon. Have a blast and let’s play soon!” Lauren also included contact info for summer playdates, which I think is a cute touch.

She wrapped it all up space-age style with cosmic ribbon and stars. The contents were somewhat concealed so there wouldn’t be any fighting over the colors. You get what you get, and you don’t throw a fit!

Quick. Easy. Inexpensive. Festive. Happy Summer!

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