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I got such a response from these last year that I’m reposting for all my new fans and followers. (Thanks to all of you). I had all but forgotten about it until I spied some edible grass at the store earlier this week. These little brownie nests are great for Easter parties, Spring treats for the class, baby shower goodies…You name it!


I’ve got quite a few to share with you, but the kids are out this week and time is scarce, so I’ve decided to share these as they are ready. First up are these sweet little brownie cups. I first shared these on my Facebook page, and I got so many comments that I thought I’d repost them here for posterity.


This is a great project to do with preschoolers or older kiddos. My son and I made these together. We made brownies in muffin tins. I made the mistake of baking them in paper cups. They stuck SO badly even after I had sprayed them. Then, another friend had the same problem using just a greased muffin tin with no paper. I have heard that the fudgie brownies turn out better as muffins than the more cakelike ones. Anyhoo, if you know what we are doing wrong, please do share a comment! Or just make miniatures with the store bought brownie bites. (update: silicone baking cups fixed the problem)

We shaped the edible Easter grass (Target, World Market) like birds’ nests. Then, we piped a bit of chocolate icing on top to give the nests something to hold onto. Those are Cadbury mini chocolate eggs placed in the center. Yum!

Here’s another sweet treat that we made last year. I thought they turned out so cute that we decided to try them again for my daughter’s classroom goodies this year!

There are lots of places online where you can find cone-shaped bags. Sometimes they are in quantities of 100, but really they are cents each and you can use them up within a year or two or go in with a friend and make these together. I have also seen them locally at Hobby Lobby. The beauty of these cone bags is that you can make the treats as big or as small as you like by just lopping the excess off the top of the bag. Here, I used those tiny rubber ponytail holders for little girls to close the bags. I pulled apart some raffia for the green attached to each carrot and used one of my personalized bunny tags complete with a cottontail. I think they turned out super sweet. Hope you agree! (update: I just started using these tags with a “welcome baby” message, and they are super sweet.)

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