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More from Under the Sea

Last week, I shared a little inspiration, both for party and for everyday life. If you missed my last post, check out a few new pictures from party day! Here is Evie’s therapy room all done up party style. I LOVE the sandcastle bucket favors lining the window sills. How bright and cheerful!  All of… Read More

Under the Sea Inspiration

You know when you’ve never met someone, but you’ve seen lots of them or read and heard so much about them, that you feel like you know them? Well, I finally got to meet my someone, and I found myself kind of giddy. She’s a bit of a celebrity, you see, especially around these parts.… Read More

Getting Serious with a Candy-coated Celebration

I’ll get to the fab party shots in a sec, but first a little background. I have known Tish since I met my now husband ten years ago. Two kids each and a work-from-home job later, she gave me a buzz for some party inspiration in celebration of a big research grant award. A couple… Read More