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Sweet for Easter

I got such a response from these last year that I’m reposting for all my new fans and followers. (Thanks to all of you). I had all but forgotten about it until I spied some edible grass at the store earlier this week. These little brownie nests are great for Easter parties, Spring treats for… Read More

Marshmallow Roses – The Finished Product

Well, here we are on Valentine’s morning. We got in late last night, but I whipped these up in no time. I dipped, dried and sealed up the marshmallows for freshness last night. Then, I added the leaves to the sticks so all that was left this morning before school was to add the sticks… Read More

More Tweet Things…

I have a few more Easter goodies to share today. Yep, I finally got them all done. First up are these cutie cute cute suckers. This is actually two suckers in one. What looks like a design on the front is actually a whole separate sucker. They came with coordinating ribbons, which I wouldn’t have… Read More