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Heroes and Villains, The Final Chapter

We return for the final installment of our story to find our super friends eyeing the fantastic candy buffet. A stroke of creative brilliance by no other than, you guessed it, supermom. Super candy with an element of danger and complete with superhero toothbrushes? Seriously, it doesn’t get much cuter than this. Except for maybe… Read More

Heroes and Villains, Part Deux

Hi there. Lauren here again. Back with more from the big day… Our party begins on an unusually warm October day in the metropolis of Madison. Our birthday hero and his band of super friends began gearing to meet and celebrate Reese’s big day. Why, even our villains were excited about this extraordinary meeting of… Read More

No Ordinary Day

I would love to tell you that we’ve been up in arms around here. Racking our adult (and almost five-year-old) noggins trying to figure out what direction to go for Reese’s 5th birthday party. Sleepless with the possibilities. Nope. My boy decided approximately 45 weeks ago what he wanted. That’s three whole weeks after his… Read More