That Dreaded Phrase

I can think of no other thought, spoken or unspoken, that gets me into more trouble than this one:

“Oh, wouldn’t it be cute…”

Oh, wouldn’t it be cute to tape off and paint a tone-on-tone diamond pattern in the phone booth-sized portion of the bathroom?

Oh, wouldn’t it be cute to make this 36 step recipe that I’ve never tried to take to the party tomorrow?

Oh, wouldn’t it be cute to put those pink sponge rollers in my not yet two-year-old’s hair for Halloween and paint her face with mud mask?

OK, that was cute, but still. That was a year ago, and I’ve just in the last few days gotten her to consent to a clip to keep her hair out of her eyes. Post traumatic stress? Who can really say?

Hello, room mother? What’s that? You say I signed up to help with the Harvest Party? Yes, I’d be happy to contribute. I’ll take the craft and cupcakes!

Oh, wouldn’t it be cute to scour the universe to come up with a super cute craft, one that’s unique AND easy for a bunch of four- and five-yr-olds to complete in 15 minutes time?

And cupcakes. I can totally make those. Nay, BUY those. AND make super festive toppers as an excuse to play with my new cutting apparatus. Drumrolllllllllll, please…

Pardon the picture {because my photos are usually so stellar}. As I mentioned, I have to pick up the cupcakes from the bakery! Halloween/Harvest toppers using the letters they’ve covered so far this year. It’s a sickness, really.

Happy Halloween!

4 thoughts on “That Dreaded Phrase

  1. Those cupcake toppers have convinced me that you need professional help, sister.

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