The Sweet Spot

I do this every year. I saw it coming from a mile away. Just like last year. But it was summertime. My kids were out of school, and I had only the few hours a day they chose to take a nap (or not) to accomplish anything. I told myself it’d just have to wait until school started. By the time I had my wits about me, October was barreling down on us–my son’s birthday. Everything would just have to wait until after the party. Then, BAM. Halloween. November.

November is gonna be the month. I can feel it! I’m already thinking ahead. School fundraiser. Crud, I need a new picture of the kids. What will they wear? Shopping with the kids. Holiday photo session. Adult beverage. Well-managed gift idea list. One that’s really thought-out. One that attempts to manage the toy creep–the exponential explosion that’s taken over the den and is already threatening adjoining spaces. One that takes into account October and December birthdays. Ugh. If I can just make it to Thanksgiving. Early bird card orders. I LOVE YOU. Thanksgiving feast at school. I signed up. November is my month, right? Wonder if the Pilgrims had UncrustablesTM? Thanksgiving. Travel. Overeating. Black Friday. Back to work.

Emails and orders flying. Printing. Shipping. Mailing lists. Festive holiday postage. Baked goods. Classroom treats. I wonder if anyone is allergic? If I can just make it to my order deadline…Wrapping paper. Wishing I had one of those hoses that they use to blow in insulation that spit out red and green candy stripes all over our gifts to conceal their contents. Patent pending.

One more week until the kids are out. Draft twenty-three point list of To Dos before said time. And, hey. Maybe I’ll print some Christmas cards of my own. If I can just make it to Christmas. Wait. What about my poor little December 27th birthday girl? I knew I should’ve applied myself in math. If I can just make it to New Year’s. I hate New Year’s. If I can just get the kids back to school I can recommit to my annual pledge to fitness. Right. If I can just make it to Spring Break….OK I’m giving myself palpitations just writing about it.

So that’s officially half the year I’ve wished away, and it occurs to me that I’m blowing through the sweet spot, the best years with my two kiddos, without soaking it all in like I should. This season, we’re going to get crafty and make things. We’re going to bake and cut and glue things. I may even let them use glitter. OK, who am I kidding. No glitter. But this season, I mean it. I’m going to slow down and really roll around in the holidays.

3 thoughts on “The Sweet Spot

  1. famous last words. . . At least the Christmas lists are done. Also, my friend whose child has a severe peanut allergy said that Skittles and Junior Mints are safe for peanut allergies.

  2. Honey – all I have to say is you have been BUSY! Your new Holiday cards are so precious. Love them!

  3. Love your blog!! Tried to make the Halloween treats for one of the boys parties, but there were so many allergies that I couldn’t figure out what to fill the bags with!!

    Love this post though. I think you wrote what I’ve been thinking these past two weeks. I am committed to slowing down these next two months and making some memories!!!

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