Well hello there!

From time to time, I have a customer who throws an adorably cute party and I get to help! I have a pretty creative bunch of customers, you see. Many are friends from my days in Advertising and Public Relations. Now, I have a business designing invitations and such

There are quite a few ready made options, but I also do custom work, which is great fun and affords me the opportunity to try some new things. Plus, I get to give my customer exactly what s/he is looking for–invitations, favor tags, coordinating thank yous, return address labels, and even some fun ideas for the party!

So my plan is to share photos and details from these great parties or any fantastically brilliant seasonal ideas for classroom goodies. I have two young ones at home in preschool programs and they have quite a few little parties, so I am always keeping an eye out for something new and different.

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