Wicked Fun Halloween Treats

My kids are both preschool age or younger so there are quite a few occasions to give classroom goodies. We got candy last year. Lots. Starting with Halloween and keeping steady pace straight on through to Easter. So much candy that I ended up having to throw some out. And I love candy. My oldest was saying things like “Mom, I finished my breakfast. Now what can I have?” expecting me to reward him with candy at 7:30 a.m. Nice.

It’s even trickier when you have really young ones on your list because, let’s face it, none of us needs any more little trinkets in our house, and it’s hard to find age-appropriate and inexpensive gifts. I personally like to go for consumables–paper, food, things that get used up. Recently, I was discussing options for Halloween with my friend. She reminded me of some pastel chocolate candy carrots that we made for Easter treats using cone-shaped cello bags and of another mom who made carrots the same way out of cheese balls–genius! She mentioned candy corn and voila! We had our fun idea for edible but mildly nutritious Halloween goodies. Just add super festive Pink Peppermint gift enclosures or stickers to taste.

Candy Corn Treats

Gift Tags

I tried recreating the look of both traditional and chocolate candy corn layers, mostly just because I had to work some chocolate in there. These use yogurt-covered raisins, Kix TM cereal and Goldfish TM crackers–both cheddar and chocolate graham. My kids are foaming at the mouth for me to fork them over. The trick, I found, is to twist, flip up and tape the bottom inch or so of the bag–the very tip end of the cone–or it still just looks like a carrot. Be sure there is enough color differentiation between your white and yellow layers too. Yes, I do realize I sound disturbed. Promise I’m not. OK, maybe a little, but only about stuff like this.

What You Need:
Cone bags: I searched online for “cone-shaped cello bags” and found them sold in quantities as low as ten.

Gift Tags: You gotta let people know who they’re from, right? I designed the ones shown.

Good Eats: Some thoughts for the different layers

White: Yogurt-covered raisins, Yogurt Burst Cheerios TM, mini marshmallows, M&Ms TM or other white candy

Yellow: Original Goldfish TM, Kix TM, Corn Pops TM or other cereal (aside: for some reason King Vitamin TM just popped into my head. Anyone? No? OK.)

Orange: Cheddar Goldfish TM, Cheese Balls, Cheez-Its TM, M&Ms TM or pumpkin candy corns

Brown: Chocolate Graham Goldfish TM, Whoppers TM, M&Ms TM or chocolate-covered raisins

This is a fun project for including kids preschool aged and up. If there’s one thing my son likes almost as much as getting a goody bag, it’s making a goody bag. Seriously.

My other bright idea was individually wrapped store-bought popcorn balls tied up in orange tissue paper with green curly ribbon.

pumpkin closeup

Cut and paste a jack-o-lantern face or if you’re good draw one on with a marker. I myself cut and pasted after attempting to draw. This would be cute for candied or caramel apples too.

Pumpkin Treat Closeup

Halloween? Check.

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  1. This would be cute with the monster hand shaped goodie bags I saw at the Dollar Store. . . wait, you threw away candy?

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