Angry Birds Splash Party

My nephew turned five in early June. My sister, who would have you believe she isn’t good at this sort of thing, whipped up a fabulous day of birthday fun. Jack’s latest obsession, one that is also sweeping my house and the rest of the globe, is Angry Birds. Here’s her invitation. Normally, I’d advise against mixing electronics and water, but since there’s a pool at the birthday boy’s house, guests were invited to take a dip in the bird bath.

She made balloons using the templates from The Party Animal

and laid out quite the spread of snacks for all the little piggies. Or birds, depending on whose side you’re on.

She served VERY angry birds (chicken nuggets) and VERY naughty piggies (bacon-wrapped hot dogs), pigs in a blanket, deviled eggs, worms and grubs (gummy worms and slugs), goldfish, bird’s nest cookies and bird seed (snack mix).

Here’s the birthday boy enjoying a tasty worm.

She made this awesome game with construction blocks and plush Angry Birds and pigs.

Just like the real game we all love, kids threw the birds and tried to knock the pigs off their pirches!

Water temperatures in New England in June not being what they are down here, not all of the guests chose to take a dip in the “bird bath.” There was still water play for those not quite ready to brave the pool temps. Guests could launch water balloons at the king pig. When the kids tired of taking it out on those thieving pigs, they turned on one another, and then ganged up on Jack’s dad.

Then, it was time to take a breather and cut the cake! And what an awesome cake it was!

After cake, they had a chance to cream some more pigs. How much do I love this goofy pig piñata?

Once the pig was bested, they filled these loot bags up with the candy.

And before they left, guests each grabbed one of these awesome cake pops

and chose from either a sling shot or a bird house they could paint! Awesome.

Not bad, sister dear. I’m taking notes. We scored a licensed tee for my son’s party that has the black bird on it and reads, “I’m the bomb.” If you like what you see here, check out this post!

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  1. Hi Jenny,
    Unfortunately, I don’t have templates for these menu cards. I suggest maybe using stickers as the images and printing the text on a 4×6 photo card, then scoring and folding to a 4×3. Hope this helps. Best of luck!

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