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I recently co-hosted a baby shower for my Pink Peppermint Parties partner, Lauren. She and her family welcomed a second baby boy, Coleman, and something casual like a Sip and See seemed perfect to mark the occasion. For those of you not familiar with the Sip and See, it’s an opportunity for friends and family to visit with the new mother or mom again and see the new baby. Hostesses provide light food and drink, giving guests the chance to drop in, snack and visit for a few. It’s also a great opportunity to drop off that little something you picked up for the baby, although it’s certainly not expected.

I was really excited to take on this party for our special honorees. Having worked with Lauren on parties since her oldest son’s carousel birthday almost two years ago, I have a pretty good idea of the kinds of things that make her squeal. I should also note that she is the closest thing I have to a Martha in my life, so I wanted everything to be just right. I had a throwback to good old-fashioned boy stuff in mind and settled quickly on a “Boy Meets World” theme with a color scheme of red, pale blue and navy. Here are the invitations I designed with baker’s twine embellishment.

We set out for some boyish fun to introduce baby Coleman to the world. Guests knew they were in the right place when they spotted themed wreath marking the front door. The parked cars were a good clue too! The wreath was made using foam ring forms, fabric, batting, baker’s twine and pages from an old atlas. The words were shaped from flexible garden tie wrapped in yarn. I got the idea here.

The phrases “Hello, world!” and “Meet Coleman” were repeated throughout the party–at the entry, on the main table and on the menu card holders, which had clear acrylic bases where you could slip in your own one- inch square photo or bit of artwork. Yeah. This will not be the last time you see these little beauties! Prepare for them to be reinvented over and over.

Here’s the grassy centerpiece, trimmed with picket fence, mini map bunting and a double-sided pinwheel also made from an old map.

We trimmed the house with a few other classic elements to lend the party more boyish charm.

A letter banner matching the invitation and strung with the red and white baker’s twine hung on the mantle.

The beverage table featured paper medallion flowers with yo-yo centers and other fun themed touches.

We use oversized jacks as napkin weights.

And since the guest of honor loves a thematic napkin ring, these cute retro bicycle napkins got the red sneaker treatment, complete with eyelets and shoe laces.

The party was set for mid-afternoon on a Sunday, and with the help of some clever friends I had a load of ideas for food we could serve.

Here’s the food table, complete with our “Meet Coleman” centerpiece and trimmed with mini flag bunting!

Oh, how I love a tiny bunting.

Because of the time of day, we tried to keep the food light and summery.

Guests chose from a handful dishes that were all boy, starting with Rocks in My Pita Pockets and Hummus, topped with basil pesto, pine nuts and Feta. Yum!

Sword Fight Skewered Fruit

Bow Tie Pasta

My personal fave, “No Girls Allowed” Club Sandwiches complete with clubhouse-style flag picks.

and for dessert, Soap Box Derby Pie Tartlets,

and since we are in Jackson, MS, what else but Mississippi Mud?

Menu items that didn’t make the cut: Quiche It and Make It Better, I’m Not a Baby Spinach and Strawberry Salad, and some sort of Pots and Pan Seared Chicken, among others.

To drink we served Grasshopper (Mint) Iced Tea and Sour Puss Lemonade.

And in case guests needed help finding the mints… I thought if we’d done favors it would have been cute to use these and say something like, “Glad you could find you way by!”

Guests noshed, visited, held the new baby and had a lovely Sunday afternoon together. Welcome to the world, sweet Coleman!

17 thoughts on “Boy Meets World Sip and See

  1. Do you mind sharing where the map fabric for the wreath came from? I have been on a mission trying to find some similar.

  2. You failed to say that the guests were so in awe of your creativity that they asked to take some of the decorations home! Thanks for the No Boys Allowed signs!

  3. Eleanor — I am completely awed by your creativity. Gorgeous party. Truly amazing!

  4. I have been looking for those acrylic cube card holders EVERYWHERE, only found them by the bundle (1000+) from china, which I don’t think I will be needing tehehe. Would you mind telling me where you got them? Gorgeous Party!!

  5. Yet again, another adorable party by E! I love the bunting on everything. And the use of maps is SO creative!! 🙂 Can’t wait to do some yarn art now!! Cute stuff, friend!

  6. I’m still in awe and so glad to have a friend who truly appreciates my love for a thematic napkin ring. These top the charts. Thank you so much for such an absolutely perfect celebration.

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