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Pirates of the Caribbean 7th Birthday

I’m excited to share the details of my son’s 7th birthday party with you. Seven. Wow. Not sure how that happened. He is all about the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and loves Jack Sparrow. That’s CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow. I set out to throw him a sort of creepy and realistic pirate party, and we… Read More

The Naked Wall

There’s a weird thing that happens once a year when I’m about to host a birthday party at our house. It’s typically only in September when we’re prepping for my son’s birthday party. I look around my house, and things that I have lived with for a year (often more) become totally unacceptable. And I… Read More

Bug-Themed Party Invitations

I was nosing around in some old files the other day looking to create a favor tag to go along with this bug party invitation in my online store. I had all but forgotten about the other bug party invitation designs I did as a party of some custom design offering for this awesome bug… Read More

Lego Star Wars Party

A Star Wars- and Lego-loving boy I know just turned six! As you might guess, there are a wealth of parties out there to draw from, many with free printables. Yea! After several months of collaborative Pinterest board building, we had quite a selection of ideas to choose from–some Lego, some Star Wars, some Lego… Read More

Safari First Birthday

Most people don’t think of a wild party when throwing a first birthday, but the one I am sharing with you today totally fits the bill. In just a few weeks’ time I helped my friend, Gina, pull together a celebration for her little boy, Davis. I think you’ll agree it came together great! Here’s… Read More

50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration

I’ve got quite a few parties that I’ve been meaning to share with you. Since we are getting into the thick of wedding season, first up is this beautiful summertime 50th Wedding Anniversary celebration my sister and her family threw for her in-laws. When we first began discussing the party, and looking around for supplies,… Read More

Front Page News Birthday

Today, I thought I’d share this custom piece I just finished a few weeks ago for a sweet little paper boy who’s turning one! His mom is going with a sort of vintage newspaper theme and asked if I could come up with some invitation options. She supplied this totally adorable picture of her little… Read More

Egg Hunt Party

So happy to finally get around to sharing these pictures from a sweet Springtime birthday party! My friend, Gina, did this adorable carnival themed party that everyone is always asking about for her daughter’s first birthday. For her second, they celebrated her birthday Easter-style with an adorable petting zoo and a good-old fashioned egg hunt.… Read More