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No Ordinary Day

I would love to tell you that we’ve been up in arms around here. Racking our adult (and almost five-year-old) noggins trying to figure out what direction to go for Reese’s 5th birthday party. Sleepless with the possibilities. Nope. My boy decided approximately 45 weeks ago what he wanted. That’s three whole weeks after his… Read More

PPP Featured on Catch My Party!

Not once, but twice this week our parties have been included in the Party of the Day feature over at Catch My Party! What else would we be, but tickled pink? A big thanks to Jillian for featuring our Carousel First Birthday and our All in Due Time Couples Baby Shower. If you missed them… Read More

Bug Out Birthday

I’m giving Lauren a much-needed break, so I’ll be the one to tell you about her son’s second birthday! Quite frankly, there’s some gushing to be done, and it’s much easier to gush about someone else’s party than it is your own. The party was so very cute, and I have so many pictures that… Read More

Getting Serious with a Candy-coated Celebration

I’ll get to the fab party shots in a sec, but first a little background. I have known Tish since I met my now husband ten years ago. Two kids each and a work-from-home job later, she gave me a buzz for some party inspiration in celebration of a big research grant award. A couple… Read More

ARTy Party

My friend, Lesley, touched base with me several months back. She was throwing an art party for her daughter’s upcoming birthday. None of the invitations she had seen were doing anything for her so she asked me to do a custom job. I worked up several options, and here’s a sample of the invitation she… Read More

This Baby Shower Is For The Birds

I have a treat for you today. A guest post from Lauren, my accomplice at Pink Peppermint Parties. Enjoy! And don’t forget to leave a comment! ……… A couple of weekends ago, several friends flocked together to celebrate the upcoming arrival of a tweet baby girl. This brunch shower stole its theme from her adorable… Read More

Backyard Birthday Carnival

My college roommate, Gina, and her family just celebrated her daughter’s first birthday. It seem like just yesterday that we were throwing her a baby shower. Wait. Maybe that’s because I just blogged about it a few weeks ago. Either way, I can’t believe it’s been a year! Gina had a birthday carnival on the… Read More

Spotlight on Custom: Motorcross Birthday

So here’s another peek at some custom work I’ve done. This was for a friend of my son’s who is all about some dirt bikes. His mom, also a friend of mine, told me she wanted something special for a Motorcross 4th birthday. I designed this piece with a 3D dirt bike handle bar, real… Read More