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Milk + Cookies First Birthday

Lauren and I recently gave our friend Sarah a little inspiration for her son’s first birthday. Her youngest boy, Caleb, just turned one, and mama had a sweet and simple clutter cutting celebration on the brain. Sarah introduced us to the Milk + Bookies Birthday Party, a concept that has party goers bring new books… Read More

Simple Easter Party

I whipped up a little Easter party for my daughter’s class yesterday. The kids are two and three years old, so I tried to keep things fun, simple and inexpensive. Here are a few ideas for quick and easy food and decorations. Here’s one of the tables. The plates were all ears. Super quick, cheap… Read More

Bunny Plates + Template

My 3 year old’s teacher asked if I could coordinate an Easter party for her class this year. It was three weeks out, which I told myself was a good thing. No need going overboard here. We’re doing a few simple snacks with some decorations for the tables. I’ve got plastic tablecloths, which I’m giving… Read More

DIY Carrot Centerpiece

I’ve been stuck in a Beatrix Potter vein this Easter season. I saw some awesome faux cabbage leaf chargers in a catalog, and it got me thinking how cute it would be to use real carrots, cabbage, lettuce, radishes (do rabbits eat those?) and other bunny fare to decorate for an Easter party! On a… Read More

Sweet for Easter

I got such a response from these last year that I’m reposting for all my new fans and followers. (Thanks to all of you). I had all but forgotten about it until I spied some edible grass at the store earlier this week. These little brownie nests are great for Easter parties, Spring treats for… Read More

Winter Party Giveaway Announced!

OK, so I have been so crazy busy over the last few weeks that only yesterday (under pressure from an impending visit from my inlaws) did I take down the snowflake decorations that have been hanging in my dining room since January. And TODAY, out of a mixture of guilt and utter shame over not… Read More

Grow Some Grass

I love you Spring. You are my fave time of year {save for my outrageous seasonal allergies}. That’s alright though. I love you anyway! Don’t tell Fall. I think there’s nothing perkier than a little touch of green to get you in the mood for Spring. Case in point: Doesn’t this image make you want… Read More

Winter-inspired Princess Party

It’s hard to believe it’s already time again for my Christmas baby’s birthday party! Really does seem like not that long ago we hosted the silhouette-themed birthday brunch for close friends and family.  We held the celebration on her birthday (December 27th) last year because we already had everyone in town for the holidays. With… Read More