Informal Baby Shower

My friend Lauren is expecting her third boy, Baby Jack! We recently surprised her with a small, informal gathering of friends at a local restaurant. I wanted to do something to make it special but with the timing and limitations of a restaurant setting we had to keep it simple. I planned each element so it could be done beforehand since we only had 30 minutes before guests began to arrive.

The guest of honor’s place was set with a copy of the invitation since it was a surprise to her. We invited friends for “dinner and a little potty talk.” C’mon. Funny.

We had a decorative beveled paper mat with a ribbon accent that coordinated with the invitations at each place setting. Each mentioned her older two boys by name and welcomed Baby Jack to make three! Not your traditional use of the phrase, but he will make three boys! Wallace, party of five.

Simple vases brought from home were filled with blue hydrangeas.

They stretched down the length of the table and were interspersed with these over-sized jacks I already had from this Sip and See for Lauren’s second son. Seriously. How perfect!

We surprised Lauren good, had a a great night of food, funny conversations and opened a few gifts in celebration of baby no. 3, who is scheduled to make his debut this week!

Here are the coordinating thank yous I gave her as part of my gift.

And each guest left with a little something sweet.

I think his would be pretty for a bridal shower as well, sweet to change colors to match the honoree’s color scheme and easy for anyone to recreate using store-bought paper and a circle punch to bevel the edges of a square page.

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