Meet My Granddad | Free Father’s Day Printables

A friend just suggested a grandfather’s version of our free Meet My Dad printables, and may I say, “Duh.” Why didn’t I think of that?

Here are two versions sure to tickle your Granddaddy, Pop, PawPaw, Gramps or Grandpa’s funnybone!

Top Pop Casual Granddad Printable

Meet My Granddad Tie Printable 2012


10 thoughts on “Meet My Granddad | Free Father’s Day Printables

  1. I love this! Would you be able to email me a version where I can change the name? My kids call their grandfather “Pa,” and it would look more personal that way. Thanks!

  2. Ok, I do understand however I see you changed the date on the template for the lady above so I just thought you were already customizing the template.

  3. Thanks TIffany! I really wish I could. If there were more hours in the day, maybe I could. I already field so many emails and requests from folks on this printable that I hate to start with customizing nicknames. I know it will lead to many more requests for other various versions, and that means more time away from work and kids. Thanks for your understanding!

  4. Hey there! Love your website and this printable. Would you be able to post one that says “Papa” instead of Granddad?

  5. Hey! with the explosion of pinterest I have found your blog. Love it! I am using the fathers day printables and am wondering if you can post one of the dad tie printables with fathers day 2012 on it.
    thank you so much!

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