Paint Your Own Art Party

I’m excited to share photos and details from this fun Paint Your Own Art Party we hosted. This activity was a HUGE hit and is perfect for months when the weather is either too hot or too cold for outdoor fun. Here’s the invitation, complete with smears of paint.

Art Party Invitation by

The girls arrived and it was time to get their paint on.

Art Smocks from Pink Peppermint, the Blog

The birthday girl had already selected the art she wanted to paint, so when each girl arrived, they picked out a set number of colors based on their preference.

Paint Brushes from Pink Peppermint, the Blog

They painted first, all so diligent in their efforts to create a masterpiece.

Painting Activity from Pink Peppermint, the blog

Painting Fun from Pink Peppermint, the Blog

While they waited for their art to dry, the girls headed on over to the food table for a little snack.


Guests were invited to make their mark on this custom keepsake “7” artwork, which was made up of words that perfectly described the birthday girl at that age. They signed their names on the mat.

Custom Art Signage by

We had “painted” Chex mix, fruit and cake.  The table was covered with an oversized white drop cloth and splotched with paint.

Art Party Signage from

Art-themed Cake on Pink Peppermint, the Blog

Here’s the cake, a masterpiece all on it’s own.

Art Cake from Pink Peppermint, the Blog

Painted Chex Mix on Pink Peppermint, the Blog

I wrapped green and blue Hawaiian Punch with “Creative Juice” labels that were also covered with paint splotches made from puffy paint.

Creative Juice Labels from

Creativity Labels by

I uploaded this custom artwork to the Create UR Plate site, and they sent me these awesome reusable adhesive decals to decorate our plates with.

Art Plate from CreateURPlate on Pink Peppermint, the Blog

When it was time for the fun to end, the girls each left with their painted canvas, and these handmade art displays to hang their other artwork at home.

Art Party Favor Tags from

Many of these custom paper pieces are available in our online store.




Art Inviation Suite by

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