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Hoppin’ Bunny Pops

Things have been so busy around here that I haven’t had time for my usual holiday merrymaking. I’ve always been a big fan of Easter and Springtime, probably because I’m an April baby. While combing the seasonal aisles at Target a few weeks back, I bought one of these inexpensive bunny-shaped chocolate molds. I rediscovered… Read More

DIY Marshmallow Roses

I made these marshmallow pops for my daughter’s winter princess party. I had bought all the supplies: large pink marshmallows, squirtable white cookie icing (the kind that sets and comes in a sort of glue bottle), pink pearl nonpareils and 6 in. lollipop sticks–but thought surely I’d run out of time before the party started.… Read More

More Tweet Things…

I have a few more Easter goodies to share today. Yep, I finally got them all done. First up are these cutie cute cute suckers. This is actually two suckers in one. What looks like a design on the front is actually a whole separate sucker. They came with coordinating ribbons, which I wouldn’t have… Read More