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Father’s Day Printable | Meet My Dad

I don’t offer printables very often. Largely because I never get any real indication that people are using them. For some reason, my Father’s Day printable, first released at least two years ago, has totally exploded on Pinterest. Since early February, it has been pinned and repinned over and over. Exploding my blog hits. Blowing… Read More

Valentine’s Free Printables | Love is in the Air

I’m a bit on pink and red overload with Valentine’s. I’ve been wanting to create some new artwork. Decided I’d try something that feels sort of light and airy in comparison to all the heavy, saturated color we see this time of year. When I was reminded of these candy airplanes (instructions here) on Pinterest,… Read More

Free BOO Signage Printables

Do your friends and neighbors BOO one another during the month of October? You know where you sneak around and tag someone by leaving a treat on their doorstep? Then, they turn around and tag two others, and it spreads throughout the ‘hood until Halloween. My sister mentioned that she’d like to have a BOO… Read More

{Announcing It} Moving Thoughts

As you may know, my family and I moved recently. And when I say recently, I mean right at a year ago. Why am I thinking about it now? Because after a mere 377 days on the market, we just sold our old house! WOO HOO! I know a lot of folks are in the… Read More